From Burned-Out Parents to Living the Dream of a Flexible and Adventure-Filled Life

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Brent and Crystal Stanton are the co-founders of Intrepid Lifestyle Project, a personal brand with a powerful mission to inspire a new generation of parents to say no to sacrificing precious time with their children. They are achieving this by introducing families to the online space, helping them establish a leveraged income, and creating the time flexibility needed to focus on the things that matter most to them.

Work-life balance has become a growing concern for many families as they struggle to balance the demands of work and family responsibilities. This can have a detrimental impact on family life, leading to increased tension, conflict, and reduced quality time with children. A lack of work-life balance can also lead to burnout, fatigue, and mental health issues for parents. When parents can effectively manage their time and balance their work and family responsibilities, it can lead to a more stable and positive home environment for children. As society continues to evolve, finding ways to support families in maintaining a healthy work-life balance will become increasingly important.

Using their signature four-pillar method, Brent and Crystal teach families how to reconnect and reignite their spark through connection, growth, creativity, and contribution. Their mission is to empower families to take control of their time and create a life of freedom and fulfilment through the Intrepid Lifestyle Project and techniques such as affiliate marketing, high ticket sales, and building a brand online.

Brent and Crystal have always loved adventure, but it wasn’t until their honeymoon that they realised their dream of living an alternative lifestyle and travelling full-time. After the birth of their two daughters, they realised that working the hours they did and earning the salary they did would never allow them to achieve this dream, and worse, it was robbing them of precious time with their daughters.

Two years ago, Brent and Crystal had a familiar Australian story. They were a young family with two beautiful little girls, a three-bedroom home in North Queensland, and jobs that left them feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and wanting more. They knew they needed to find a better way to do things and that they needed to make a change.

Trading their time for money would never give them the freedom they desired. With the help of the EYH academy, they discovered that leveraging an income through the online space was the solution they were looking for. Investing in their online business and personal growth and development has allowed them to achieve complete time flexibility and choice. Brent and Crystal pride themselves on sharing the realities of the ‘laptop lifestyle‘ and empowering young families like theirs to enter the online space with confidence and the support they need to make their brands successful. Rather than teaching people how to just sell, Brent and Crystal focus on building a brand, offering value, and solving people’s problems.

“Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. Over 4.26 billion people are using social media worldwide. That’s 4.26 billion opportunities for you to grow your brand and business every single day.” States co-founder Crystal.

Having achieved complete time flexibility and choice, the Stanton family will transition into full-time van life in 2023, traveling around Australia and living in the moment, experiencing new people, places, and cultures. Brent and Crystal’s new lifestyle means living on their terms, with resolute fearlessness and location freedom. Through their brand Intrepid Lifestyle Project, they want to help create a social legacy for others to follow and teach more families the techniques for building a brand online.

Brent and Crystal Stanton’s success story is a testament to the power of personal development, entrepreneurship, and the power of the online space. They strive to inspire other families who want to create a fulfilling and adventurous life.

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