Hogwarts Legacy – How to fix stuttering and frame drops (NVIDIA DLSS Fix)

The PC version of Hogwarts Legacy has seen many reports of constant stuttering and FPS drops. If our initial fix didn’t work for you, you might want to update your game, as Avalanche Software recently released its first performance patch for PC and Xbox since the global release.

Hogwarts Legacy - How To Fix Stuttering And Frame Drops (nvidia Dlss Fix)

Hogwarts Legacy - How to fix stuttering and frame drops

However, if none of that works and you’re still suffering from issues, there’s one more thing you can do to ensure your game runs as smoothly as possible. Hogwarts Legacy uses an old NVIDIA DLSS file by default, and you must replace it with the updated version of the DLSS file.

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You can either do it automatically using the DLSS swapper or manually do it yourself. The manual method is not too difficult either, as it is a simple file replacement in a particular folder. Here’s how you can update your Hogwarts Legacy DLSS file. Note that this solution will not work for AMD GPUs.

  1. Go to C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonHogwarts LegacyEnginePluginsRuntimeNvidiaDLSSBinariesThirdPartyWin64
    Hogwarts Legacy Stutter Fix (nvidia Dlss Solution)
    You will find a single nvngx_dlss.dll file inside the folder.
  2. Make a backup of the existing nvngx_dlss.dll file inside this folder if you run into any issues. However, after multiple tests, it is highly unlikely you will face any issues.
    Hogwarts Legacy Stutter Fix (nvidia Dlss Solution)
    You can quickly make a backup by renaming the file and adding .bak after the dll at the end.
  3. Go to this website and download the latest version of the DLSS.
    Hogwarts Legacy Stutter Fix (nvidia Dlss Solution)
    There is a possibility that a newer version of the DLSS file is available by the time you’re reading this. If it does, download it.
  4. Copy the download nvngx_dlss.dll file into the folder and replace the old nvngx_dlss.dll file (which should now be renamed to nvngx_dlss.dll.bak).
    Hogwarts Legacy Stutter Fix (nvidia Dlss Solution)
    You can keep the backed up file inside the folder as long as it is
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Yassin’s Falafel House owner raises over $188K, travels to Syria to help earthquake victims

As nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations and humanitarian groups rush to help with earthquake rescue and relief efforts in turkey-earthquake/?id=96913081″ data-ylk=”slk:Turkey and Syria;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “Turkey and Syria, one Syrian refugee-turned-restaurant owner in Tennessee has amassed over $188,000 and counting in donations.

After hearing about the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked northwestern Syria and southeastern Turkey, killing more than 20,000 people, Yassin Terou sprang into action to help on the ground.

The owner of Yassin’s Falafel House in Knoxville — which won the Reader’s Digest Nicest Place in America accolade in 2018 — traveled from the U.S. to Turkey on a mission to help provide food relief, medical care, fuel and shelter to those in desperate need.

Terou has provided updates at the scene on Facebook live with videos showing the barren camps where families are in need of basic essentials like blankets to stay warm and milk for their children.

“We have no blanket, we have nothing to warm up,” Terou translated for a local man in the video. “This is what it looks like … we have nothing.”

Terou said “it’s very sad seeing how people are living right now” in the shelter camps.

“There is a lot of need right here … we’re just doing everything we can and changing our plan one or two times a day because every time we do something they need more,” he explained.

Before he left the U.S. to help, Terou told “Good Morning America” that his motivation was “helping people” who have been impacted “to keep building bridges of love between different communities.”

MORE: How to assist quake victims in Turkey, Syria

Terou launched a digital fundraiser to start an emergency soup kitchen and offer medical care, with money going directly to two organizations: CelebrateMercy and Syria

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Curl Clean activation to be held at World Juniors

The World Curling Federation will be delivering an Anti-Doping Outreach Programme at the World Junior Curling Championships 2023 from 24-28 February to promote clean sport.

During the championship, athletes, coaches and support personnel will have the chance to visit the Outreach Booth promoting #CurlClean and take part in fun, educational activities. Athletes are invited to pledge their loyalty to the clean sport movement by signing the Clean Sport Pledge.

Photographs and videos can be posted on social media during the championship to promote hashtags #CurlClean and #PlayTrue.

#CurlClean logos will be inserted in-ice.

Outreach programmes build awareness among athletes, coaches and support personnel to the dangers and consequences of doping; and relates to athletes’ rights and responsibilities under the World Anti-Doping Code.

Outreach activities focus on creating a positive experience with anti-doping, increasing visibility at events to enhance understanding, and providing an outlet for athletes and support personnel to engage with anti-doping organisations’ staff.  Questions or concerns can then be addressed. Outreach can help to create positive attitudes towards anti-doping.

Engage with the World Curling Federation in the lead up to the World Junior Curling Championships 2023 on TikTok, TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Weibo and by searching the hashtags #WJCC2023 #curling

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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Complete ‘Weasley After Class’ & ‘Professor Ronen’s Assignment’ | Walkthrough

Everything you need to know to complete the ‘Weasley After Class’ and ‘Professor Ronen’s Assignment’ quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Table of Contents[Hide][Show]

So you have finally finished your first day of Hogwarts – or at the very least, you have done a fair chunk of your first day. There is more Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy, and you haven’t even made it to Hogsmeade yet. Thankfully, Professor Weasley assured you that Hogsmeade was on your cards for the day. 

As to be expected, there are things standing between you and a frothing tankard of Butterbeer, and Professor Weasley is one such hurdle. You have assignments to complete and interrogations to endure before you can even think about kicking back and relaxing. Let’s dive into the two quests, ‘Weasley After Class’ and ‘Professor Ronen’s Assignment’. 

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Quiz Answers | Beginners Guide | Gear Slots | House Token Locations

weasley-after-class”Completing Weasley After Class

This quest is very short, and it is a type of quest that occurs often in Hogwarts Legacy. These are the ‘go here, talk to this person’, quests, and they are pretty darn straightforward, as you can imagine. 

In this case, you need to report to Professor Weasley and update her on your progress in both Charms and Defense Against The Dark Arts. This conversation will take a turn for the suspicious when she starts to interrogate you about your unusual arrival. If you recall, Professor Fig asked you to keep their business secret, and you have the chance to either reveal all to Professor Weasley or keep her in the dark. 

You will also get to choose who you want to take with you to

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Daa warned regulator about impact of cuts to charges

The company responsible for running Dublin Airport warned the aviation regulator it would not be able to afford extra staff to keep passengers happy when it came to security queues, cleanliness, and unforeseen problems with airlines.

In correspondence with the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) over plans for passenger charges, daa said there was a political and public expectation that they would step in, in the event of flight delays, weather issues, or other unexpected cancellations.

The airport authority said the new charges were being set too low given the pressures they were under “in clear unanimity across print media, radio and TV, and social media”.

They told the CAR that calculating staff needs based on pre-Covid levels was failing to heed “operational lessons” learned during the pandemic.

daa said it was clear that passengers at Dublin Airport expected to see “greater resilience and system redundancy” in place to avoid some of the problems that dogged it last year.

The airport authority said the Department of Transport had repeatedly raised issues both during last summer and in the run-up to Christmas 2022 about how the airport was functioning.

A letter from the daa chairman Basil Geoghegan said: “[We] share the view of the ministers, the department, the JOC [Joint Oireachtas Committee on Transport], the airlines and the travelling public in this regard. We believe that the correct staffing levels must be higher than the pre-Covid era would suggest.”

In a last-minute plea for charges to be set higher, Mr Geoghegan said there was an expectation on daa to deal with any problems that cropped up, no matter whose fault they actually were.

They had been expected to “step in” after mass airline cancellations due to IT problems and a build-up of unclaimed and lost luggage, even though they were

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Woman Painfully Details How Her Husband Divorced Her After Fully Funding His Trip to UK

  • Nana Yaa Nyarko, a Ghanaian living in the UK, has described how her husband betrayed her after she fully paid for his relocation to the European country
  • She regretfully revealed in an interview that her now-divorced husband had cheated and fathered two children by other women
  • Later, according to Nana Yaa, she found out that her husband had brought the children and his baby mother to the UK without her knowledge

A UK-based Ghanaian woman, Nana Yaa Nyarko, has painfully detailed how her husband and mother-in-law betrayed her after funding his relocation to the European country.

Photo of UK-based Ghanaian woman opening up about her collapsed marriage.
UK-based Ghanaian woman painfully details how her husband divorced her.
Photo credit: Okukuseku THE TALK SHOW.
Source: UGC

The Londobaed woman, who works three jobs in the UK, said that after taking out loans to relocate her then-fiance to the UK, he paid her off by divorcing her.

Nana Yaa Nyarko details how it all happened

In an interview with Emelia Brobbey on her Okukuseku show, Nana Yaa painfully detailed how she reconnected with her husband after she moved to London.

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“When I moved to London, I reconnected with a boyfriend I had in my adolescence in Ghana. For our wedding, I traveled to Ghana and brought him to London,” she recalled.

Nana Yaa recounted that they had two children before her husband started showing true colours. ”I found out he was cheating on me with someone in Ghana.

How Nana Yaa found out about her husband’s extramarital affairs

She said that her husband had deceived her into believing he was going to Ghana on business when, in reality, he was there to visit his second family.

“He claimed to be going to Ghana

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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Bombarda

Quick Links

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive open world with many side activities to do whenever you’re finished attending class, of course. Going to classes will introduce you to a different companion and professor. As your character is trying to catch up to the other 5th years, the professors are doing what they can to help.

RELATED: Hogwarts Legacy’s Broom Kinda Ruins The Game

After attending a class, you’ll sometimes receive extra assignments from the professor that revolve around whatever was taught in class. These assignments help you understand the gameplay significance of the new system introduced in the class while also sometimes giving players access to a new spell. Bombarda is the reward for completing Professor Howin’s Assignment.

Completing Professor Howin’s Assignment

Player Standing Over Diricawl

While you attend your first Beast Class earlier in the game, this quest is unavailable until after you have completed the second trial Charles Rockwood’s. After completing this trial, the player will receive an owl, and Professor Howin’s assignment will be available in your quest menu. This assignment has you traveling and catching two different Beasts, both conveniently marked on your map when tracking the quest.

One of the beasts players will need to track down and capture is Diricawl. These are small bird-like creatures that can be relatively easy to catch. Head to the marked location on the map within the Hogwarts Valley and approach a small cluster of them on the outside perimeter of some ruins. Cast Levioso on the beast to briefly hold them in the air, and begin grabbing them with your nab-sack. After landing on the ground, if you haven’t caught the beast, they will briefly dig into the ground, leading to a long time of them standing still, making

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Erling Haaland TRAVELS to London with the Man City squad ahead of crunch title clash with Arsenal

Erling Haaland is pictured travelling down to London with his Manchester City team-mates in a huge boost to Pep Guardiola ahead of their title showdown with Arsenal after he limped off injured on Sunday

  • Erling Haaland was taken off at half-time against Aston Villa with an ankle knock 
  • Pep Guardiola had raised doubts about whether he would be fit to face Arsenal 
  • The Norwegian forward was pictured travelling down to London with the squad 

Erling Haaland has travelled to London with the Manchester City squad despite concerns over his fitness.

Pep Guardiola’s side take on Arsenal in a crunch top-of-the-table clash at the Emirates on Wednesday night, with City able to leapfrog their opponents with a win.

The Norwegian was withdrawn at half-time in Sunday’s 3-1 win over Aston Villa after picking up an ankle knock, raising questions over whether he would be fit to make City’s squad against the Gunners. 

But Guardiola explained that Haaland had been taken off as a precaution on Sunday, saying after the game: ‘He had a big knock, he was uncomfortable.

‘We didn’t want to take a risk and we will assess the next days how he does.’

Erling Haaland has travelled with Man City to Arsenal despite concerns over his fitness

Erling Haaland has travelled with Man City to Arsenal despite concerns over his fitness

There were doubts over whether the forward would be fit for their crunch game with Arsenal

 There were doubts over whether the forward would be fit for their crunch game with Arsenal

Further doubts were raised about his participation at the Emirates this evening when Guardiola claimed he was unsure about the state of the forward’s fitness earlier this week.

In his pre-match press conference on Tuesday, he added: ‘We train this afternoon [Tuesday]. Right now I don’t know

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How to send high-quality photos on WhatsApp? Step by step guide

Image Source : PIXABAY WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been getting a lot of suggestions lately, where users requested the company to bring in a new feature where they could share photos in the original quality, without compressing. The new update is officially out and applicable on both- Android and iOS devices now. 

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Users can set the new ‘Photo Quality’ feature by making some changes from the WhatsApp settings. By the time of writing, the feature is not yet available to all the users, but is expected to roll out for everyone in the coming weeks (date not specific).

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But, in case you would like to check if your device supports the new feature, then here is our step-by-step guide.

Steps to send photos of original quality from your Android device:

  1. Open WhatsApp  and go to settings (tap on the three dots available in the right upper corner)
  2. Go to Storage and Data
  3. In that, tap on ‘Media Upload Quality’.
  4. Under the section, you can choose the quality of the photo from three options- ‘Auto’, ‘Best Quality’, or ‘Data Saver’ (send a compressed photo to save data).
  5. The compressed helps users to save data on the internet. But, you can change your photo upload preference as per your choice at any time.

Steps to send photos in original quality from your iPhone:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  2. Now visit Storage and Data
  3. Now tap on ‘Media Upload Quality’.
  4. You may now select the given option for sharing the image which is – Auto, Best Quality or Data Saver.
  5. In Auto, the app will automatically send
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How one Brazilian startup’s pivot to corporate cards has paid off

Portão 3 was founded as a corporate travel startup in 2020 and had released its product just as COVID hit Latin America and “all airports closed,” recalls co-founder Bianca Pereira.

Although the timing was “terrible,” she said, the company didn’t give up.

Pereira and fellow founder Fernando Nery concluded that the software that Portão had built could still be used to help enterprise businesses with corporate spend generally.

“We also realized that corporate cards are a great tool,” Pereira, a serial entrepreneur and former Cargill employee, told TechCrunch. “However, CFOs in Brazil hate them, and we get why since all they receive at the end of the month is a transaction statement that is impossible to trace back…CFOs also worry that by decentralizing payments and empowering employees, they will have to deal with fraud, payment reconciliation and an overall mess in operations they will have to fix.”

Portão’s platform combined with its corporate card, according to Pereira, solves the problem by doing two things. Firstly, it builds a company policy configuration into the platform that approves transactions.

“We call it budgets; each gets configured into where employees can spend money, how much and when,” Pereira explains.

It also connects to a centralized invoice platform, which automatically reads and interprets QR codes on receipts uploaded by employees to match the details for that transaction, cross-examine it to check against fraud and ensure that each item was purchased in line according to company policy.

In 2022 alone, Portão 3 says it facilitated over $60 million worth of transactions and issued more than 1 million physical and virtual cards. Nearly 600 enterprises throughout Latin America are using the technology, including companies such as crypto company Bitso, CredPago, health insurance giant SulAmérica and 123 Milhas. And impressively, Portão claims to have achieved

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