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Arizona is a place where even the most hapless point-and-click photographer comes back with spectacular pictures. With big blue skies and bold bursts of colour from the rugged desert scenery, there’s no need to switch settings and add filters.

It’s a state where the great outdoors is consistently dramatic, visually stunning and utterly enticing. Fortunately, Arizona offers several ways to make the most of its alfresco adventures.

Conquer the canyon

Arizona’s most famous natural wonder is, of course, the Grand Canyon. The Skywalk – a U-shaped cantilevered bridge over the canyon – should be seen as an introduction rather than the sole viewing platform, however.

For hikers, the Rim Trail along the South Rim offers a series of stupendous lookouts, with a shuttle bus service helping out those who don’t want to tackle the entire 13-mile route. There are, though, dozens of other hiking options from both the South and North Rim.

Grand Canyon trekking: don your boots and get hiking

Credit: Sirena Dufault

To add a touch of glamour to exploring the Grand Canyon, there’s the option of a helicopter tour. Maverick Helicopters runs scenic flights that take off from Grand Canyon National Park Airport, then zig-zag through the canyon bends, offering superlative bird’s eye views.

Raft the river

Seeing the Grand Canyon from above shows off the big picture. But rafting down the Colorado River puts you inside that picture, getting a true idea of just how steep those walls are.

Epic viewpoint: rafting the Colorado River puts you in the heart of the Grand Canyon

Credit: Brand USA

From the town of Page, Wilderness River Adventures runs a series of multi-day Colorado River rafting adventures that tackle the rapids as condors circle

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Kinzbachs enjoy Las Vegas and mull next adventure: Rocking the RV Life

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Kinzbachs are in the Las Vegas area getting ready to resume traveling this week.

They plan to head to Bullhead City, Arizona, and take a side trip to Oatman, Arizona, where wild donkeys roam freely – definitely Old West history.

This week, the couple talks about the area’s RV parks and how different parks have different rules along with varying amenities. (Because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good, the couple says.) They also encountered a mouse and offer a sure-fire tip on how to keep them away.

Listen live online here.

They discuss plans to go north or south: Glacier National Park in Montana or Big Bend National Park in Texas? Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or Key West, Florida? Meanwhile, former radio man Jeff finds time to talk about a Pink Floyd concert that was part of the World Series of Rock at Cleveland Stadium back in 1977.

In Northeast Ohio, Jeff is well-known for his 50 years of radio work, first as a host of the Buzzard Morning News at WMMS-FM/100.7, and later at WONE FM/97.5 in Akron.

The Kinzbachs have been living out of their RV since Jeff retired from the radio business in September 2020. Now, Jeff and Patti have transferred Jeff’s radio skills to their adventurous podcast while traveling North America. The “Rocking the RV Life” podcast is presented in partnership with and The Plain Dealer.

Listeners can access “Rocking the RV Life” via Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and at’s podcasting page.

Follow the podcast and the Kinzbachs’ travels at

Note to Apple Podcast listeners: If you subscribed to “Rocking the RV Life” before it partnered with and are having trouble finding new episodes, try the following:

• Click the ellipses, also known as the three-dot More Options

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Retracing a historical adventure: Journal, book recount 1907 Yellowstone roadtrip from Butte

BILLINGS – It’s hard to imagine a better monthlong trip with friends: dancing, camping under the stars, catching large trout and seeing some of the grandest mudpots, geysers and hot pools in the world.

“It was a classic road trip with buddies,” Luke Murphy said.

Yet the adventure from Butte to Yellowstone National Park took place in 1907, its details recorded for posterity in a journal written by a then 23-year-old James J. Murphy – Luke Murphy’s great grandfather.

“The way he talks about it, it’s not really different from today,” Luke noted, equating it to road trips he took with friends in his early 20s.

In a premonition, James’ wife Agnes, upon reading the typewritten account, wrote to her children: “You could really make a good story of this if you wanted to do so. It’s great reading, especially when I remember I was ‘His Hon!’ ”

Sometime this spring, James’ detailed description of his trip will be available to the public.


In 1993, historian and author Douglas Westfall was introduced to the journal by one of James’ great grandchildren – Pat Ward-Llewellyn.

“I was totally intrigued,” Westfall said. “You’re reading the words of a guy on the trail and, odds are, nothing has changed (in Yellowstone).”

Westfall retraced the Butte travelers’ route, compiled a wealth of historical background on the park, used Richard Tolbert’s photographs of places they visited, collected old photos of the period and recorded sounds along the way, all of which he assembled into a book set to be published this spring, “A Century in Yellowstone, From the Journal of James J. Murphy in 1907.”

“I’m not an armchair historian,” Westfall said. “I have to go.”

An outdoorsy Californian who has backpacked since he was a youngster, Westfall said the journal made him feel

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How to Plan the Perfect Adventure to Rwanda, According to a Travel Expert

A travel expert shares how to plan an adventure to Rwanda — including the best lodges to book to see gorillas, giraffes, and chimpanzees.

<p>guenterguni/Getty Images</p>

For many intrepid travelers, Rwanda is at the top of the list. Many visitors want to embark on gorilla trekking — in fact, one third of the planet’s 1,000 remaining mountain gorillas live in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. Seeing these endangered animals is a deeply moving experience, and a safari unlike any other. Elsewhere in the country, you also can track chimpanzees in Africa’s oldest rainforest, Nyungwe Forest National Park, or spot the Big Five in Akagera National Park.

In less than 30 years since its genocide, Rwanda is a now prosperous, safe, well-functioning democracy where people of all ethnicities are welcomed and celebrated. Today Rwanda also firmly stands on the global platform of experiential luxury travel. It is one of Africa’s great safari destinations, but also one of its most inspiring conservation success stories.

<p>Marc Guitard/Getty Images</p>

Marc Guitard/Getty Images

For those in the know, Rwanda is simply one of the best destinations for luxury honeymoons, family trips, or friends finally taking that big bucket list trip. As the CEO of The Legacy Untold, a luxury travel agency, and a member of T+L’s Travel Advisory Board, I’ve helped many clients embark on unforgettable trips to this stunning, surprising country. Here’s how I suggest planning your Rwanda adventure.

Start in Kigali

I always suggest clients spend a few days in the thriving capital of Kigali. Visit the vibrant Kimironko Market where everything local is on offer from artisan textiles to live chickens. My recent highlight was immersing myself with local designers now showing on the runways of Milan, and having some bespoke pieces made to order.

<p>Edwin Remsberg/VWPics/Getty Images</p>

Edwin Remsberg/VWPics/Getty Images

You can also visit with

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Here Are the Best Luxury Resorts in Montana

Glacier National Park in Montana. Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

It’s easy to combine Big Sky Country’s rolling hills, skyscraping mountains and abundance of outdoor adventures with high-end amenities at an opulent resort. Tucked among the glaciers, wildflower-filled meadows, and lakes are cozy four and five-star lodges and stately luxury resorts. Ranch hotels immerse you in the life of a cowboy and let you experience activities you may never have tried elsewhere. Camp out under the stars while gazing at the endless sky, get up close and personal with wildlife and take in miraculous views during your getaway to one of these top Montana resorts.

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High-End Montana Resorts

Guests enjoy incredible snowy mountain views from their rooms at this amenity-packed luxury resort. Located in Big Sky less than an hour from Yellowstone National Park, Montage offers posh rooms, suites and residences overlooking the Spanish Peaks mountain range. Guests have full use of the professionally-designed Spanish Peaks Mountain Club golf course and the nearby Big Sky Resort for skiing. Montage boasts a massive on-site spa for relaxation and wellness, as well as a selection of restaurants, including one with a bowling alley, darts and arcade games. You can spend your day outside year-round, with warm weather activities like horseback riding, mountain biking and fly fishing. In the winter, you’ll love snowshoeing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

This stunning lakeside lodge in western Montana offers numerous accommodation choices, including the main lodge, viking lodge, lakefront condos and luxury homes. It is praised for its year-round activities and is only a 30 minute drive to Glacier National Park. Guests can glide down the slopes at Whitefish Mountain Resort, one of the best resorts for skiing out West, and ease sore muscles in the indoor

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9 Over-the-top Adventure Trips in the World’s Most Untamed Environments

These days, travelers are seeking renewal in out-there destinations. Here’s a closer look at the newest encounters designed to rekindle your sense of awe.

Courtesy of Origen Escapes Costa Rica–based Origen Escapes connects guests with tapir researchers.

Courtesy of Origen Escapes Costa Rica–based Origen Escapes connects guests with tapir researchers.

“People are returning to travel with a very strong desire to reconnect with nature,” says John Spence, president of the luxury tour operator Scott Dunn USA. Last year, the agency saw requests for off-the-grid adventures jump 22 percent compared with 2019.

Not that the change in mindset comes as a huge surprise after the past two years or so, according to Tamsyn Fricker, a safari specialist on T+L’s A-List of travel advisors. “The pandemic has prompted a shift toward journeys that favor restoration, recharging, reconnecting,” she says. “Things like hiking, farm stays, bush walks, and marine safaris — being in nature and active.” While Africa is fertile ground for these experiences, other destinations around the world can wow visitors, too.

“Whether you’re meeting majestic whale sharks on Mexico’s Espíritu Santo Island or hiking Antarctica’s massive ice sheets,” Spence says, “nature offers the greatest show on earth.”

Courtesy of Origen Escapes A red-eyed tree frog spotted on a rain-forest trek with Origen.

Courtesy of Origen Escapes A red-eyed tree frog spotted on a rain-forest trek with Origen.

Soar Over Glaciers

Adventure-travel company Quark Expeditions will launch a series of trips to Greenland this summer aboard a new polar vessel, Ultramarine. The 199-passenger ship is loaded with two twin-engine helicopters and 20 Zodiacs, plus all the gear needed for forays onto the ice sheet. Excursions include hiking, camping, paddling, and biking along the country’s fjord-lined southern coast.

Seek Out Tapirs

Once widespread across Central and South America, this smaller relative of the rhino is now endangered, with only an estimated 4,500 of the endearing creatures left in the wild. Costa Rican outfitter Origen Escapes has teamed up

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Folly Beach Vacation –

When you’re living in March and planning for October, it seems you have lots of time – in fact an entire summer – to plan your itinerary. It’s crazy how quickly a summer flies by!

My daughter-in-law, however, was on it! She and my son, Ben, had reserved an Air B&B in Folly Beach, South Carolina, back in March when they invited us to join them.

So in September I began planning our part of the journey. My husband and I decided to leave a few days early and head east into Virginia to see part of the country we’d never seen. We headed out, traveling through Columbus, Ohio, and Charleston, West Virginia, before arriving in our third state capitol —Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is abundant in both Civil War and Revolutionary War history. While there we visited the amazingly preserved home of Maggie Walker. She was an extraordinary African American woman who became a social leader in Richmond at the turn of the 20th century. This particular home is unique in that it has been in the hands of her family since her death in 1934. While most preserved homes that are run by the National Park Service do their utmost to decorate historic homes with period furniture, everything in this home was actually owned by Maggie and her family. She was the first African American to charter a bank in the United States, and the first woman to sit as president of a bank in the U.S.

We also visited a Confederate Civil War hospital site now preserved and operated by the National Park Service. While navigating the streets of Richmond, we drove past St. John’s Church, where Patrick Henry gave his most famous speech (“Give me liberty or give me death!”) to the 2nd

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Experience The Best Of Kenya With These 3 Luxury Hotels

Home to over 40 national parks and reserves, Kenya is one of the best destinations in the world to go on safari. The country is well-known for its diverse wildlife, which includes lions, leopards and elephants, but its biodiversity extends from the natural world to its culture and landscapes. Because Kenya isn’t only the bush. It is also big cities, tall mountain peaks, a lush coastline and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. When you visit, be sure to spend some time exploring the country’s different ecosystems for a comprehensive look at one of Africa’s most dynamic countries. The best way to do it? Travel with Fairmont Hotel & Resorts, which has three properties in iconic locations in Kenya.

The Norfolk: A Chic, City Enclave

Most trips to Kenya will begin in Nairobi, and that’s great news, because Kenya’s bustling capital is having a moment. Thanks to new infrastructural development and investments in business and tech, the city of 5 million people is more vibrant than ever. The perfect place to base yourself in Nairobi is The Norfolk. A heritage property that first opened its doors in 1904, The Norfolk is a colonial-style hotel that has hosted dignitaries and celebrities for more than 100 years, from Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway to Mick Jagger and William Ruto, Kenya’s new president. Located right near the lively downtown, it has seen the modern city of Nairobi expand and is just a short drive to landmarks including the National Museums and the National Park.

The hotel’s 125 spacious rooms and suites overlook a pretty courtyard with tropical plants, a heated swimming pool and outdoor

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Great Ski Vacations – The 10 Best Places To Use Your Epic And Ikon Passes This Winter

Ski and snowboard travel has changed radically in recent years as the industry paradigm has shifted from single visit lift tickets and one-resort season passes to national and global passes covering multiple top resorts worldwide. By far the most popular of these are the Epic Pass from Vail Resorts, which covers both Vail-owned/managed properties (Vail, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Park City, Whistler/Blackcomb, etc.) and partners, and Ikon Pass, from Alterra Mountain Company (Deer Valley, Mammoth, Palisades Tahoe, etc.), anchored by the mountains of top ski resort operators Aspen Skiing Company (Aspen/Ajax, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk) and Boyne Resorts (Big Sky, Brighton, Sugarloaf, Sunday River, etc.), plus numerous partners including many of the leading independent areas such as Jackson Hole, Alta, Steamboat and others.

The new model has lowered the daily costs of skiing and snowboarding considerably and given travelers more variety and freedom of choice, which is a very good thing. But the anti-silver lining has been crowds and jam-packed trails, often accompanied by parking shortages and giant lift lines at some participating resorts, big and small. This has been compounded by pent up travel demand from the pandemic lockdown, and increased outdoor recreation across the board, also spurred by COVID. As a result, many travel agents and ski tour operators I’ve talked to tell me that more then ever their clients are asking to be sent someplace less crowded, which has become the main focus in choosing a ski vacation destination, rather than the traditional factors such as the best spas, restaurants, hotels or even terrain.

But if you have one of these passes you don’t have

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A Complete Summer Adventure Guide To Banff, Canada

As someone who’d rather spend my free time exploring outdoors than hanging out at home, Banff, Canada has been at the top of my bucket list for years. Immersed within the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park is a massive playground for nature lovers and adventurers of all experience levels. And while Banff is famous for its winter ski season, summer is an equally as worthy (if not even better, IMO) time to visit.

I recently crossed over the Canadian border for the first time to spend a few days exploring everything Banff has to offer. But the truth is that I only scratched the surface of what you can see and do there. I could have easily spent two full weeks in town without running out of activities (mountain towns are maximalists when it comes to stuff to do). Between the stunning views, incredible wildlife sightings, and endless hiking opportunities, nearby lakes for boating and water sports, and the main stretch of Downtown Banff — full of local businesses and restaurants — the small but mighty mountain town is the ultimate hub for adventure.

If you’re ready to make the most of the season with a visit to one of Canada’s most beautiful destinations, follow my complete adventure guide below. I’m sharing where to play, stay, eat, and drink in Banff this summer.



The Banff Gondola

As I said, I only had a few short days to spend in Banff, so I wanted to soak in as much as I could in a short amount of time. The Banff Gondola is an excellent way to do just that. It’s a tram ride that takes you to the top of Sulphur Mountain where you’ll get sweeping views of the Bow Valley

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