Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: Wetin to do in case of an earthquake


Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Natural disasters fit be di last tin for your mind before you travel for holiday or migrate.

But to know some few simple tins fit make di difference between life and death in case of emergency.

Afta di tragic earthquakes wey happun for Turkey and Syria, on 6, February 2023 and kill thousands of pipo, we don put togeda a guide on wetin to know wen you dey travel go earthquake-prone locations.

Before you leave: Always register wit your kontri embassy for di destination wey you dey travel go.

To register you go either call di embassy directly or some kontries go allow you to input your travel plans online.

Wen you arrive: Carry local emergency and embassy phone numbers for your wallet, or save dia number for your phone.

Wen you check into your hotel room, identify safe places to hide in case earthquake happun – under a heavy desk or table; against an inside wall; stay away from windows, mirrors or heavy furniture wey fit fall over – avoid location near di stairwells.

Just a note say contrary to popular belief, doorways no generally dey stronger dan any oda part of a building and no suppose be your go-to place for shelter in di event say earthquake happun.

During earthquake: If you dey your hotel room, go immediately to one of your identified safe places, lie down and hold on.

For rooms without strong furniture, stay for one corner of di building and cover your face and head wit your hands.

If di earthquake happun while you dey for bed and di room no get overhead light fixtures, stay for bed and protect your head wit pillow.

If you dey outdoors,

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Best hotels in Bath for your next adventure

Home to an array of tourist attractions like the iconic Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge and more, Bath is a wonderful place to visit.

If you’re ready to book that trip and explore the fabulous city, we’ve got you covered.

Featuring luxurious spots, boutique hotels, quaint B&Bs and more, this round-up has a hotel to suit everyone’s style and budget.

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11 of the best hotels in Bath

georgian stone facade of bath hotel
Photo: Expedia
  • Five-star hotel

  • Spa? Yes

  • Pool? Yes

With elegant, traditional-style decor reminiscent of times gone by, the Royal Crescent is one of the best hotels in Bath for enjoying a luxurious break.

Each of its rooms has been individually designed by interior designer Jane Clayton; her unique touch has made every room and suite feel incredibly grand yet also very welcoming.

traditional yet modern blue hued room at the royal crescent hotel
One of the Royal Crescent’s stylish suites. Photo: Expedia

The luxury hotel essentially spans two Grade I buildings that were originally occupied in 1775. The spot is home to beautiful gardens ideal for a spot of afternoon tea, The Montagu bar which you’ll go to again and again for a lovely meal or cocktail and — perhaps most importantly — an indulgent spa which boasts a pool, sauna and steam room.

The hotel is only a 15-minute walk from Bath City centre and other tourist hotspots like the Pump Room Baths and Theatre Royal.

orange hued vintage style lounge
  • 4.5-star hotel

  • Spa? Yes

  • Pool? No

In a prime location at the very heart of Bath, this small but luxe boutique hotel is only a three-minute walk away from sites like Pulteney Bridge, Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths.

Its unique decor has a sophisticated yet contemporary vibe. Each room has its own design and boasts elegant, bespoke wall art. Luxurious additions to each room

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Complaints of travel agency scams increase in the Dominican Republic

The new digital era offers many opportunities for small businesses, but criminals also take advantage of this great opening.

The episode that a couple had at the time of buying a tour package, where they would visit streets and cities of Colombia, was tainted by a scam.

Maciel Liriano and her husband, Jhorman Jesus Martinez Fernandez, reported the alleged crime committed by the company Almeno SRL, which published and sold tourist “dreams” in various countries, where at least 64 people are currently affected, according to Listin Diario.

“My husband’s and my trip, for our anniversary, did not take place because of these swindlers,” they said.

Liriano explained that in April 2022, with the collaboration of her partner, she bought a travel package to celebrate the anniversary of their marriage union in Colombia, which would be in October 2022.

Offered a package.

The company, belonging to Franklin Almonte, called “Almeno S.R.L.,” offered her a vacation package to Medellin, where they would have lodging, flight and transportation, at a cost of US$ 836.

Regarding the monetary part, the young woman detailed that the payment was divided in three stages. “In the first one I gave a little less than 50% to reserve the package, then, in May, my partner went personally to the office and made the second payment and the last one in September.”

Liriano indicated that days before the “big day,” the company had not yet confirmed the flight, accommodations and details.

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How Many Versions of JoJo Are There in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Did you know that if you had a baby the same year that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure started, your baby would be almost 40 years old? That’s how long Hirohiko Araki’s long-running, family legacy, action adventure manga graced the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump and Ultra Jump. With the newest part, JOJOLANDS, coming out soon, there is no better time than now to refresh the JoJos we have followed and rooted for over the years.

jojo versions jonathan

Phantom Blood: Jonathan Joestar

The OG JoJo, Jonathan Joestar, is a good lad. In fact, he is the best lad on this entire list. He is completely unproblematic and a ray of sunlight (yellow). Not only do we follow Jonathan’s story in Phantom Blood, but his descendants are the protagonists of their own respective arcs. Jonathan was a nobleman during the Victorian era, and he was living a pretty good life until his father brought home one Dio Brando to be his step-brother. His life turned upside down, and through a series of mishaps and misadventures, Jonathan learns the Ripple, marries his childhood love, and then… Well, you’ll just have to watch Phantom Blood to see.

joseph joestar

Battle Tendency: Joseph Joestar

In a complete 180 from Jonathan, Joseph is one bad JoJo. Not in the sense that he is a bad character. But if Jonathan saw him, Joseph would be on his way to a smacked bottom. Joseph is loud and boisterous, but surprisingly smart underneath his clownish demeanor. His fights were the start of the more typical brain over brawn battles that have become rather characteristic of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Like Jonathan, Joseph used the Ripple, but he was far more creative with it thanks to his own wits, Lisa Lisa’s training, and Caesar’s rivalry.

jotaro kujo jojo versions

Stardust Crusaders: Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro is the

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Have A Nice Death Leaves Early Access This March, Adds A Time Paradox Level

Have a Nice Death is leaving early access this year with the launch of the 1.0 build on March 22. Alongside the official launch, the game will be getting another level to play through, World 8: Inevitable Time Department.

First released in early access on March 8, 2022, Have a Nice Death is a roguelike that sees you play as the titular grim reaper, who finds himself feeling burned out and in need of a vacation after his subordinates at Death, Inc. run amok. To remind his underlings that it’s his name on the building and that he’s in charge, Death ventures through the many departments of Deach, Inc. in order to beat the Sorrows under his command back into submission and find out why they’ve become so disloyal.

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Travellers more confident with booking hotels: SiteMinder

SiteMinder reveals global traveller confidence is reaching new heights post-lockdown in its new analysis of more than 100 million reservations – booking behaviour trends from 2022 showed decreasing cancellation rates and increasing booking lead times, even with rising hotel room prices across key travel destinations.

SiteMinder’s new Hotel Booking Trends report has revealed travellers booked their trips on average eight days earlier, and cancelled their bookings 17% less year-on-year in 2022, despite a 24% increase in the average daily hotel room rate.

Travellers are booking hotels earlier and cancelling less

Including the most popular channels travellers used to book hotels in 2022, SiteMinder’s report also reveals the performance of OTAs, wholesalers, global distribution systems, tour operators, destination management companies and hotel-owned websites (direct booking engines) as revenue-driving channels for hoteliers across the world, with 11 new additions joining SiteMinder’s Top 12 lists for the first time.

In 2022, analysis from SiteMinder’s Hotel Booking Trends showed:

  • Travellers globally booked hotel stays considerably further in advance than in 2021, with hotels seeing a 38% increase in average booking lead time, year-on-year. The global average booking lead time was around 30 days in 2022, just six days shorter than the average booking lead time in 2019.
  • Travellers globally cancelled their hotel bookings 17% less year-on-year. The average hotel booking cancellation rate dropped to about 20% compared to 25% in 2021, with hotels in Ireland experiencing the highest rate (26%) and Indonesia the lowest (10%).
  • Domestic booking channels captured a lower proportion of bookings overall, however there was a clear balance between traditional and niche booking channels across markets. OTAs, wholesalers and destination management companies reasserted their dominance across SiteMinder’s Top 12 booking channel lists in most markets as international travel returned, with remaining the most popular. Despite this, regional hotel booking
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Jet2holidays overtakes Tui as top tour operator for first time

Jet2holidays Aircraft

Jet2holidays has overtaken Tui to become the UK’s largest tour operator for the first time.

Data published by the Civil Aviation Authority shows Jet2holidays is licensed to provide package holidays to 5.9 million people in the year to the end of September.

That is compared with 5.3 million for Tui.

Jet2holidays will operate its largest summer programme this year, featuring 65 destinations.

Chief executive Steve Heapy said: “Becoming the UK’s largest tour operator is a significant milestone in the history of Jet2holidays, but it will not change a single thing that we do.

“Our continued success is because we have the best team in the industry who work tirelessly to look after our customers, and we will never lose sight of that fundamental principle.”

The Leeds-based company, launched in 2007, was widely praised for its handling of customer refunds for trips cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.

Tour operators determine how many passengers they are licensed to provide package holidays to based on a combination of bookings already received and expected future sales.

Jet2holidays decided to increase its total for the year to the end of September by around 600,000 in response to recent demand.

Atol protects package holiday customers if their travel organiser fails by ensuring they are not stranded abroad or lose money.

Jet2holidays’ sister airline celebrated the 20th anniversary of its first flight – from Leeds Bradford airport to Amsterdam – on Sunday.

Press Association – Neil Lancefield

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Kinzbachs enjoy Las Vegas and mull next adventure: Rocking the RV Life

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Kinzbachs are in the Las Vegas area getting ready to resume traveling this week.

They plan to head to Bullhead City, Arizona, and take a side trip to Oatman, Arizona, where wild donkeys roam freely – definitely Old West history.

This week, the couple talks about the area’s RV parks and how different parks have different rules along with varying amenities. (Because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good, the couple says.) They also encountered a mouse and offer a sure-fire tip on how to keep them away.

Listen live online here.

They discuss plans to go north or south: Glacier National Park in Montana or Big Bend National Park in Texas? Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or Key West, Florida? Meanwhile, former radio man Jeff finds time to talk about a Pink Floyd concert that was part of the World Series of Rock at Cleveland Stadium back in 1977.

In Northeast Ohio, Jeff is well-known for his 50 years of radio work, first as a host of the Buzzard Morning News at WMMS-FM/100.7, and later at WONE FM/97.5 in Akron.

The Kinzbachs have been living out of their RV since Jeff retired from the radio business in September 2020. Now, Jeff and Patti have transferred Jeff’s radio skills to their adventurous podcast while traveling North America. The “Rocking the RV Life” podcast is presented in partnership with and The Plain Dealer.

Listeners can access “Rocking the RV Life” via Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and at’s podcasting page.

Follow the podcast and the Kinzbachs’ travels at

Note to Apple Podcast listeners: If you subscribed to “Rocking the RV Life” before it partnered with and are having trouble finding new episodes, try the following:

• Click the ellipses, also known as the three-dot More Options

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Family leaving on winter vacation loses $5K rebooking after Sunwing kerfuffle

Saskatoon resident Adrienne Stone has had just about enough of Sunwing Airlines, after months of confusion around her family’s winter vacation booking.

The Stone family first made plans in August 2022 for a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with Sunwing. They booked a direct flight out of Saskatoon for Feb. 10, 2023. 

Stone said the price for the trip was good, and that her family has travelled with Sunwing at least six times and has previously had no major hiccups.

“The odd delay due to weather, things like that, but nothing major there. They’ve always been a great airline — cheap, get you there, get you to a good resort and transportation included from the airport to the hotel. No issues,” Stone said. 

Then on Dec. 30, Sunwing cancelled all its flights out of Saskatchewan until Feb. 3. At the time, Stone did not think her trip would be affected, since they would not fly out until Feb. 10.

“Then I was talking to my aunt in Regina, and her flight to the Dominican was cancelled and she had said she noticed that something was up a couple days beforehand, because [her] trip was missing on the Sunwing app, and that kind of sent a red flag to her.”

Stone decided to check on the status of her own trip. Like her aunt’s, it was missing from the Sunwing app.

Stone called Sunwing and got confirmation that her trip had indeed been cancelled. She couldn’t rebook the trip out of a non-Saskatchewan airport because the transportation would have been too expensive. 

Stone decided to go with a refund, which Sunwing said would take 30 days. She received an invoice. But for weeks after, Stone noticed Sunwing was still selling the same Puerto Vallarta package her family had booked in August.

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