Prices of essential kitchen items witness upward trend – Business & Finance

ISLAMABAD: The prices of essential kitchen items as well as daily use items have witnessed an increase during this week past against previous week, revealed a survey carried out by Business Recorder here on Saturday.

The survey observed an increase in prices of chicken, cooked food items, spices, pulses, tea, detergents, bathing soap, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and other items, while wheat flour price witnessed a reduction.

Chicken price went up from Rs 14,700 per 40 kg in the wholesale market to Rs 15,500, which in retail, is being sold at Rs 420 per kg against Rs 400 per kg, while chicken meat is being sold at Rs 660 per kg against Rs 620 per kg. Eggs prices went down from Rs 8,800 per carton of 30 dozens to Rs 8,000 per dozen, while in retail, eggs are being sold at Rs 285 per dozen against Rs 300 per dozen.

Wheat flour price witnessed a decline as best quality wheat flour is available at Rs 1,920 per 15kg bag, which in retail is being sold at Rs 1,950 per 15 kg bag. Normal quality wheat flour bag is being sold at Rs 1,900 per 15 kg bag in wholesale market, which in retail is being sold at Rs 1,920.

Lipton Yellow Label tea prices from Rs 1,600 per kg to Rs 1,650 per kg pack and Islamabad tea price also increased from Rs 1,600 to Rs 1,650 per pack, powder chilli price remained stable at Rs 750 per kg, and turmeric powder price also remained unchanged at Rs 400 per kg. Sugar price went slightly down from Rs 4,450 per 50 kg bag to Rs 4,420 per bag, which in retail is being sold in the range of Rs 95-100 per kg.

LPG prices jumped from Rs 300 per kg

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Kilkenny drivers pay second lowest car insurance premiums in country

A new study has revealed that Kilkenny drivers pay the second lowest car insurance premiums in the country.

The study also highlights that there can be more than €200 in the difference for the average cost of an insurance premium, depending on the county you live in. 

While many are struggling to cope with the cost of living crisis, car insurance is a necessary spend, however, the pricing differs depending on a combination of factors. 

Insurers analyse a number of points and one of these is where you live. With this in mind, insurance experts Chill, have revealed the counties in Ireland with the most expensive car insurance. 

Topping the list as the Irish county with the highest car insurance costs is Longford where the average cost of a policy is €783.

Louth residents also pay an average of over €700 a year and Limerick completes the top three with a cost of €678.

Paying just €549 on average, Waterford is the county in Ireland with the lowest car insurance costs.

Kilkenny comes in second with a slightly higher price of €554, Wicklow and Wexford complete the top three, both having an average of €571 for car insurance

Car insurance premiums take your location into account as living in a city where there is a greater risk of crime and increased traffic, this consequently means an accident or theft is more likely, so as a result, your car insurance premium goes up. Similarly, in Ireland, some rural counties have higher insurance premiums than others because of the higher rates of claims.

Average prices are shown from new business & renewal sales between July 2022 – January 2023, including any fees.

Founded in 2007, Chill is an Irish-based insurer that searches and compares 14 different insurers to help customers

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As interest rates climb higher, here’s what’s in store for credit cards this year

In 2022, we got revenge. Revenge spending, revenge travel — we were determined to make up for time we lost amid the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the economy had other plans, and inflation and rising interest rates started to limit the fun. Over the past year: 

Here’s what may be in store for credit cards in 2023.

1. Credit card companies could re-tighten their belts

Earlier in the pandemic, credit card issuers toughened their lending practices. They required higher credit scores to qualify for many cards and limited balance transfer offers (only to bring them back later). According to NerdWallet’s 2021 Consumer Credit Card Report, close to 1 in 5 credit card holders (19%) reported that the limit on one or more of their credit cards decreased since the pandemic began.

In 2023, concerns of a recession continue, and that could lead credit card issuers to become more conservative in their lending practices again, according to Jessica Duncan, director of research and insights at Competiscan, a company that tracks and analyzes direct marketing activity. This may eventually affect credit limits and the availability of balance transfer credit cards this year.

2. Interest-lowering options will be popular

High credit card balances, combined with high interest rates, have consumers looking for ways to lower the cost of their debts. Balance transfer credit cards remain an option for those who qualify, and they aren’t just for new applicants. You may receive compelling balance-transfer promotions on cards you’ve held for a while, too.

Card issuers are also more heavily publicizing their built-in buy now, pay later features to compete with third-party companies that offer installment plans at the point of purchase, according to Beth Robertson, managing director of Keynova Group, a financial services intelligence firm. Robertson notes that programs tied

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6 Best Reasons To Ski Italy’s Dolomites

The Dolomites have long been a top destination for skiers traveling from the UK, and even draw lots of visitors from neighbors with their own great skiing, such as Switzerland and Austria, which is an impressive compliment, but only in recent years have Americans begun to discover the region in significant numbers. This is likely to greatly increase after the 2026 Winter Olympic Games in Cortina, the “Queen of the Dolomites,” and a town that has already hosted the Olympics once (1956) but is better known for a fictional ski visit by James Bond, driving his winter equipped white Lotus Esprit Turbo here in the Spy Who Loved Me.

I just got back from an absolutely fabulous ski trip here, and there are so many good reasons why you should not wait until the post-Olympic crowds “discover” the place that it was hard to stop at just six.

1. Stunning Natural Beauty: There’s a good reason why the Dolomites have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The geology is distinctive and utterly breathtaking, with giant fin-shaped uplifts and towering rock massifs at every turn. By their very nature, mountain landscapes are beautiful, and I’ve seen great views in the Rockies, Alps and Andes, as well the mountains of Japan and the Sierras and more, but frankly, none rival the Dolomites for scenery. It’s hard to believe and it is hard to explain, but I went with

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Interview with Rome’s Hotel de Russie general manager Giampaolo Ottazz

Once a sleek newcomer in Rome’s five star hotel market, Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Russie is facing growing competition as a wave of luxury hotel brands move into the city. But the iconic hotel off Piazza del Popolo still believes it has what it takes to stay at the top.

Hotel de Russie on Via del Babuino is synonymous with modern chic as it is with Old World charm. The five-star hotel is not merely a favourite haunt of celebrities and dignitaries (Angela Merkel apparently likes to stay in room number 501) but it has also become a voguish refuge for Rome’s well-heeled.

In summer, the restaurant and bar spill into the garden whose terraced slopes climb towards the Pincio hill and the Villa Borghese, amid towering palms, magnolias and orange trees. In winter, candlelit dinners in the garden restaurant, Le Jardin, emanate tranquillity and romance. At aperitivo hour, the crowd is both international and (reassuringly) local all year round.

A century ago the hotel was popular among Russian aristocrats (hence the name) and cultural celebrities: Picasso, Cocteau and Stravinsky have all passed through. But after world war two, the building was largely abandoned and in the 1960s it was taken over by Italy’s national broadcaster RAI as its headquarters.

The hotel was eventually reopened in 2000 by British hotelier Rocco Forte. It immediately became a popular choice in Rome’s luxury hotel market. Its elegant and simple decor (designed by Rocco Forte’s sister Olga Polizzi) provided an alternative to the baroque flourishes of velvet and gold often inescapable in hotels elsewhere in the city at the time. But today, after two decades as the top hotel in the capital, it is facing new competition as international brands like Four Seasons,

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Hotel prices skyrocket in advance of crowds | City News

Glendale, indisputably, has “the Big Game.”

But Scottsdale, almost inarguably, has “the Big Fun.”

Gregory Hays, a Main Street mainstay for decades, took a break from hawking his books to visitors to answer a question: Why would people come here rather than Glendale for Super Bowl week, considering the often brutal 27-mile commute from Scottsdale to State Farm Stadium.

“Scottsdale has become a tourist mecca. We’ve got the best hotels, the best restaurants. There’s hundreds of restaurants, there’s nightlife, there’s shopping–there’s a pulse, it’s absolutely dynamic,” Hays boasted.

“There’s nothing happening in Glendale. Nothing.”

Glendale Mayor Jerry P. Weiers bristles when people say things like that. He said his favorite fun place around Glendale is Lumberjaxes in Westgate, an ax-throw from the stadium.

“Downtown Glendale has a lot of fun, international food choices,” Weiers said, stressing, “Everybody wants to be in Glendale at the game, and that’s fun!”

Even so, the thousands of hotel rooms around Scottsdale are selling out for Super Bowl week at massively inflated prices.

A few days ago, for example, rooms at the Rodeway Inn that normally go for around $125-150 per night were still available this week – for up to $800. The modest Comfort Suites Old Town had rooms going for upwards of a thousand dollars a night this week, about five times the normal price.

This week, it should be a different story: With sports network ESPN doing live broadcasts with games and live music on Main Street throughout the week, thousands are expected to descend on Old Town like blitzing Eagles defenders.

“Where are they all going to park?” Gregry Hays wondered from his Arizona West Galleries.

The city said Scottsdale Airpark expects to have 33 departure slots and three arivals an hour the day after the game, and that it had

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Five Triad hotels rank among top-25 in NC

The Triad is the home for five of North Carolina’s top 25 hotels — led by O’Henry Hotel in Greensboro — as ranked for 2023 by U.S. News & World Report.

Kimpton Cardinal

The Kimpton Cardinal hotel is in the former RJR building in downtown Winston-Salem.

The rankings, released Tuesday, have O’Henry at No. 9, along with downtown Winston-Salem’s Kimpton Cardinal Hotel at No. 11, Greensboro’s Proximity Hotel at No 13, Winston-Salem’s Graylyn Hotel at No. 18 and Greensboro’s Grandover Resort & Conference Center at No. 24.

Graylyn, Kimpton and Proximity are listed as 4½ stars, while Grandover and O’Henry are listed as 4 stars.

The ranking includes short profiles on the hotels, as well as average room rate and any critic awards and recognitions.

“It’s definitely a special honor for our hoteliers, who are working tirelessly to deliver a superior lodging experience in Winston-Salem,” said Richard Geiger, president of Visit Winston-Salem.

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“It’s an accolade that we’ll incorporate in our marketing and sales messaging to attract more visitors to our destinations.”


The Graylyn International Conference Center is ranked among the best hotels in the state.

Topping the North Carolina list is Old Edwards Inn and Spa in Highlands, followed by the Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, Fearrington House Inn in Pittsboro, The Inn on Biltmore Estate in Asheville and Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill.

Proximity Hotel

The LEED Platinum-certified Proximity Hotel in Greensboro is topped with 100 solar panels. 

Among the nation’s top-300 hotels, Old Edwards was ranked 107th, while Umstead was 141st and Fearrington was 267th.

Nine other Triad hotels made the top-100 list for North Carolina:

  • Blowing Rock: Chetola Resort, 57th; Green Park Inn, 96th.
  • Winston-Salem: Brookstown Inn, 54th; DoubleTree Hilton University, 64th.
  • Greensboro: Embassy Suites near Piedmont
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London hotels hiking prices by up to 66% for King Charles’ coronation

King Charles III's coronation will take place on May 6 (Picture: PA)

King Charles III’s coronation will take place on May 6 (Picture: PA/Getty)

London hotels are already ramping up prices by up to two-thirds ahead of King Charles III’s Coronation in May, it’s been claimed.

Trivago chief executive Axel Hefer says the group has seen hotel prices in the capital jump by more than 60% year on year for the landmark day on on Saturday, May 6.

Accomodation prices have already hit an average of £254 for people who are looking to book on the day compared with £154 per night for the same date last year.

Interest is huge as it’s the first ceremony of its kind since Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in June 1953.

Britons queuing in London after Queen's death

Prices are going up in the capital by up to two thirds (Picture: Odd ANDERSEN / AFP)

As hotels increase their prices to capitalise, Trivago says many visitors may plan to avoid London during the event, explaining ‘given the very high prices, people would rather avoid traveling to the UK capital on the day of the coronation.’

Booking data shows search is actually down for London on the day, compared to the weekends before and after. 

Searches for London are also down 8% compared with the same day last year.

King Charles III and The Queen Consort visiting Brick Lane this week (Picture: PA)

Mr Hefer said that, while coronation day is an extreme example in terms of prices this year, the accommodation site is seeing hotel prices continue to rise generally across the board.

He said hotel prices are rising by low single digits to high single digits this year, on top of increased prices in 2022.

Travellers are combatting the higher prices by switching to cheaper destinations, such as Istanbul, Morocco and Portugal, as well as domestic staycationing, while also beginning to

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Hotel prices 60pc higher for King’s coronation in London, says Trivago

Accommodation search website Trivago has revealed that London hotels have ramped up their prices by nearly two-thirds for the King’s coronation.

rivago chief executive Axel Hefer told the PA news agency that the group has seen hotel prices in the capital jump by 60pc year on year for coronation day on May 6, with prices hitting £254/€286 a night for early bookers.

This compares with £154/€173 per night for the same day last year.

But as hotels increase their prices to capitalise on the expected surge in visitors surrounding Charles’s coronation, Trivago said booking trends suggest that many visitors may be shunning London on the day of the ceremony.

Its bookings data shows that the search share for the capital for the day of the coronation is lower than for the weekend before and the one after the ceremony, while searches for London are also down 8pc compared with the same day last year.

Trivago said that “given the very high prices, people would rather avoid traveling to the UK capital on the day of the coronation”.

Mr Hefer said that, while coronation day is an outlier in terms of prices this year, the group is seeing hotel prices continue to rise generally across the board.

He said hotel prices are rising by low single digits to high single digits this year, on top of increased prices in 2022.

Travellers are combatting the higher prices by switching to cheaper destinations, such as Istanbul, Morocco and Portugal, as well as domestic staycationing, while also beginning to book shorter stays.

But they are also showing signs of trading down, with Trivago seeing trends of holidaymakers opting for lower star ratings on hotels and cheaper accommodation to help bring down costs.

Mr Hefer said people are unlikely to ditch holidays altogether

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