10 ways to spend your leave or vacation

Everyone desires and anticipates an opportunity to go on leave or vacation in order to get away from the stress associated with daily life.  

The daily routine we observe can sometimes get exhausting and all we want to do is to get away into a place of solitude and rest in order to get refreshed for the next phase of our lives.   

There are certain things that if done during your vacation or leave, such moments will forever remain memorable, worthwhile and fun such that you may just feel like not resuming back to work or coming back home.  

Discussed in this article are 10 things to do when you’re on leave or vacation in order to make such a moment memorable and worthwhile    

1. Rest well   

The stress most people go through on a daily basis can really be exhausting. From preparation for work to some crazy deadlines that have to be met at work not to talk of family life for those who are married. All these activities combined get one worn out most times, thus, a vacation or leave is definitely the best time to get adequate rest.  

During your vacation or leave, the best you can do for yourself and your body system especially is to rest well. This will help replenish your body and brain and make it fit for the task ahead.  

2. Spend quality time with your family   

Most times our work debars us from spending quality time with our families. There are some individuals who only have time for their families on weekends while some don’t even have any time to spare because of the demands of their work. For instance, some people working in Lagos leave home as early as 4 am and come back till late at night. If such individuals are married, it is obvious that their families especially their spouses and children have little or no time to spend with them.   

Whether you fall into the busy working-class category or not, a wonderful and memorable thing to do during your leave or vacation is to spend quality time with your family. This in a way assures them of your love.  

3. Go for medical checkups   

The busy work schedule of some people does not give them adequate time to go for medical checkups. It’s important to know and always remember that health is wealth and it is only the living that can work. So, regardless of how busy you are with work, it is best you create time to go for checkups.   

Another germane thing you should do during your leave or vacation is to go for medical checkups.   

4. Visit fun places   

All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy. Your leave or vacation is a great opportunity to have fun. Going to fun places such as tourist centres,  cinema, beach, eateries and so on is a great way to maximize your leave or vacation.   

Check out tourist centres you can visit during your vacation or leave   

5. Travel to see a friend or relatives   

Travelling to see a friend or relative is a sure way of relaxing and reliving on old memories. Our daily pursuit sometimes keeps us far away from our friends and loved ones. Deciding to spend your vacation or leave with your friend or relative is a sure way to go as those quality time spent with loved ones is all that matters in the end.  

6. Participate in sport activities   

Participating in sporting activities have been a proven means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, taking part in sporting activities and games during your vacation or leave is a great way of making such moments as exciting and fun filled as possible.   

7. Reflection   

One thing most people fail to know is that vacations and leaves are also meant to be a time of reflection. Most people often while away their vacation or leave doing other things without taking the time out to reflect on their life.  

So, another important thing you should do when next you go on vacation or leave is to create time for reflection.   

8. Read books  

Your vacation or leave is also a great moment to read books. We are who we are as a result of the books we read and the friends we keep. Books are great reservoirs of knowledge, information and experience, you will ne doing yourself a great deal of help by reading books that can enhance your productivity and success in life.   

9. Volunteering  

If you have things or events, you would have love to be a part of but which you couldn’t do as a result of your busy schedule, then, your next vacation or leave should be a great opportunity for you to get involved in such activities. Volunteering is a great way of impacting lives and contributing your own quota in making the world a better place for everyone.  

10. Try out new things   

Vacations and leaves are a great opportunity to try out new things. If you are a lover of good food for instance, your vacation or leave is definitely a great opportunity to try out new recipes or enjoy your favourite dishes.   

If you have new skills you wish to learn, you can also make use of thus time to acquire such skills.   

Vacations and leaves are definitely a good time to relax , reflect and have great fun. So, ensure you enjoy your  next vacation or leave as much as you can.  



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