Oklahomans travel to Florida to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian

florida-assist-with-storm-aftermath/RNCQ5HVMV5B6FCECARJM4UYX24/” data-ylk=”slk:The local Red Cross” class=”link “>The local Red Cross has already hit the road to go help residents in Florida impacted by Hurricane Ian.

“We’re constantly managing things like the fleet to make sure that the vehicles are in top shape ready to go. we have supply trailers that are being stocked and restocked all the time to make sure that they’re ready to get pulled out to a hurricane like this,” said Matt Trotter, Regional Communications Director for the Red Cross of Kansas and Oklahoma.

As Hurricane Ian slams into Florida, the Red Cross is working with partners there to shelter and support those impacted by the massive storm.

“We have our emergency response vehicle right here that is ready is to go down to Florida if it’s needed and that’ll be used to deliver supplies and meals to people in communities impacted by the hurricane,” Trotter said.

One Red Cross volunteer from Claremore is helping with shelter operations and is already on the road. “As hurricane Ian comes in, and local officials decide whether they need these evacuation shelters where people go to ride out the hurricane or if we need something longer term for people to stay in for a few nights,” said Trotter.

Another from southwestern Oklahoma will assist remotely by doing mapping work, to track where the storm does the most damage. Several others are on standby.

“We’re just getting ready for whatever needs to happen,” he said.

Trotter said more than two-thousand red cross workers could be in the area by the weekend.

“They’ll go at a moment’s notice to Florida,” he said.

For information on how you can help, visit, call 800-red-cross, or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

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