Little Dog’s Eagerness to ‘Go Home’ Is All Too Relatable

This is how everyone feels the minute they leave the house.

If you’re anything like us, you tend to have a social battery that runs out quickly. So, whenever someone asks if anyone wants to go home, you’re more than likely the first to say yes. If only there was a dog who wouldn’t mind being a homebody with us. Oh wait, we spoke too soon!

TikTok user @duhemma123 might have the only dog in the world that is completely fine with ending a walk quickly and going home. In her recent clip, which has 2.7 million views, she asked her adorable little dog if he wanted to go home. His response is all too relatable!

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LMAO! This is exactly how we feel as soon as we leave the house. We love getting home after a hard day of work and just sitting and relaxing. In fact, we race home because we can’t wait to kick our shoes off and sink into the couch, which is exactly what this doggo wanted to do.

@gtwi95 wrote what the dog was thinking. The comment reads, “You ain’t gotta ask me twice.” And then he was off! There’s no changing his mind now. LOL! @lizzylove576 added, “He said, ‘Say less.’”

Even the official TikTok account for Bark Box commented, “Footage of me when my social battery dies.” Retweet! We can only last so long. @stormy_weatherill wrote, “My spirit animal.” Seriously though, this is us to a T!

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