‘Tripadvisor for exes’ rates cheating men with savage reviews

Booking a stay at the Heartbreak Hotel?

One woman took it upon herself to create a website — dubbed a “Tripadvisor for exes” — where ladies can leave reviews about former beaus, ranging from bad to terrible.

Tracy Tegan, the mastermind behind the “Ex-Boyfriend List,” created the site after experiencing her own heartbreak at the hands of a cheater, who also stole rent money from her.

On the website, singles can search for potential suitors by name and read their reviews, with the goal of allowing women to vent about their exes’ relationship faux pas and warn others who may fall prey to male manipulators in the future.

“We all go through that bad breakup, and we just need a space to share our feelings,” said Tegan, a senior editor at Girl Power Girl Strong, to

And women are really letting out the frustrations they’ve been itching to share — scathing stories and all — through the “bad boyfriend database.”

One woman revealed her Vancouver ex is “really bad in bed” and a “habitual cheater,” writing that “he is a cheater, he will cheat on you.”

“He is also, in my opinion, really bad in bed, never had it so bad as I did when dating this guy,” she added. “Just avoid dating him, he isn’t worth your time, trust me.”

A woman also exposed two exes — boyfriend and best friend — who slept together.

Tracy Tegan
Tegan, who founded the Ex-Boyfriend List, touts the successful site as a way women can warn their exes’ future partners.
Jam Press/@girlpowergirlstrong
The reviews range from horrible to scathing, but women are not allowed to reveal contact information.
Jam Press/@girlpowergirlstrong

“Cheated on me with my best friend. But I’m happy to say he ended up cheating on her too with his neighbor. Once a cheater, always a cheater,” revealed one comment posted on June 12.

Meanwhile, another claimed her ex, a Florida man, is “emotionally immature” and a “voracious flirt.” To no one’s surprise, the guy was also a “waster of time.”

“Any man who SAYS he’s ‘mr perfect’ should be avoided…. they shouldn’t have to say it; if they are, you know by their action,” a fourth woman chimed in, sharing her general attitude towards men.

Tegan said she was inspired to create the Tripadvisor-style review system after her own heartbreak.

Tracy Tegan
Tegan’s database of loser exes soared as soon as it launched, allowing women a space to vent about their heartbreaks.
Jam Press/@girlpowergirlstrong

“I’ve also experienced my own bad breakup, and I was left heartbroken. I just wanted a place to share my story,” she added. “It was the most traumatizing experience of my life because I had been lied to this entire time.”

Her abysmal ex hoarded her rent money, pocketing it instead of passing it along to her landlord, leaving her without a place to live.

“I ended up getting kicked out, I was devastated,” she continued. “Being that traumatized, I just needed a place to express myself and tell others who understood me.”

Unfortunately for many women, they’ve experienced the worst of dating, so naturally, the Ex-Boyfriend List became popular.

Users regularly expose their cheating ex-flings.
Jam Press/@girlpowergirlstrong
Tracy Tegan
“We all go through that bad breakup, and we just need a space to share our feelings,” Tegan said.
Jam Press/@girlpowergirlstrong

“I started the ex-boyfriend list back in 2008, and it really took off – so many girls had similar stories that they were keen to share,” Tegan said. “Other women would add their stories one by one, and the next thing they knew, their truth was out there.”

While the site may seem like a free-for-all, the users still have to sign off on particular guidelines. Women can share names and locations but are barred from revealing contact details.

“It’s good to get your anger out by posting on the site, but I have had some men contact me claiming that some statements on the site were not true,” Tegan said. “It’s hard to prove either way, but I wanted to create a space where women can share their stories.”

Women use the site to offer unfiltered opinions about men in general.
Jam Press/@girlpowergirlstrong

Despite the occasional party poopers — which tend to be the men in question, of course — Tegan takes pride in her service that has even saved women from potentially heartbreaking experiences.

“Somebody once posted about a guy cheating on his wife with a 19-year-old girl,” she explained. Allegedly, the man had taken photos of his wife in her sleep, and a girl, who claimed to be dating the same man, told Tegan she experienced the same thing.

“She was then very worried and woke up to him taking pictures of her,” she continued. “Understandably, she freaked out but was glad it stopped before going too far.”

“It’s such a small world, but it’s good to see women helping each other out in that way.”

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