America’s Best Ski Hotels For Your Ultimate Winter Vacation

When it comes to ski vacations, one size does not fit all.

Some travelers care most about the mountain itself, the snow and terrain, and could care less where they sleep if the skiing and snowboarding is great. Others love a ski town experience and want it all, a breadth of shops and bars and restaurants and non-ski activities. Some people care about the hotel above all else, and for this kind of luxury traveler, that tends to be true of most vacations, whether they are going to a beach, a city or the mountains. If you are one of these, and really care about your hotel, my column today is for you.

But let’s be clear – the best luxury ski hotels are not the same thing as the best ski resorts, and there are some great resorts that simply do not have anything that qualifies as a standout luxury lodging (or have this option only in the form of rental villas or homes). Great examples of this include Alta, Crested Butte, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge and many others that just don’t have the 4 or 5-Star luxury property some skiers want, but are still great places to ski. Snowbasin and Powder Mountain are huge Utah resorts, among the nation’s biggest, and this duo takes it a step further – neither has a single hotel of any kind. Many Lake Tahoe resorts enjoy prodigious snowfall but lack upscale lodging options. I have gone on record here at Forbes that Telluride is probably my favorite ski destination in the entire country for its stunning combination of

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