Tips to save when booking a hotel room this holiday season

After two years of travel
restrictions and lockdowns, more people may be flying and hitting the roads this holiday
season. Industry reports say hotel rates will jump so the time to book your
room is now.

News 12‘s consumer reporter Janice
Lieberman has The Real Deal on how you can save if you need to book a hotel

Google has become famous for
tracking flight prices, but you can now track prices at hotels as well.

Clint Henderson, the managing
editor at The Points Guy, says setting an alert for the location you want to
visit can help you score the best price.

“You can get alerted when a
hotel price drops substantially or goes up substantially,” Henderson says.

Hotel resort fees add to your final

“Sometimes calling the hotel
is your best option, and you can find all sorts of interesting deals that
way,” he says.

And while planning in advance is
usually your best bet, sometimes waiting can save you more.

“The rates you see on the
hotel website are generally as good as the third party booking engines. The
exception to that rule is last minute booking, so sometimes they’ll open up
inventory last minute that they wouldn’t normally and you can get deals,”
Henderson says.

Try to be flexible when it comes to
booking your hotel.

If you find a better deal, see if
you can cancel – but check cancellation fees.

Sign up for your favorite hotel
loyalty program or social media account to get the latest deals and offers.

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