10 Best Time Travel Movies

All the way back to the birth of science fiction, time travel has fascinated fans of the genre. This is undoubtedly due to the “what-if” scenarios posited by many of these stories which touch on our own inherent thoughts about how we’d do things differently if we were able to manipulate the timeline.

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Like so many other topics, time travel can fall into the serious, or the absurd. So many movies have taken so many different approaches to the subject while implementing many different rules. Some treat time travel as a simple plot device, while others use it as the entire plot itself.

10) Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Source: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, MGM

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a time travel movie that defined a generation. So often with the ramifications and implications involving ethics and geopolitics, storytellers take a serious approach to time travel, but not this one.

The story follows two slackers who use a time machine to pass a history test, which is important because their band will become the basis of a utopia. Just by the premise alone, it’s obvious this film revels in absurdist comedy, which made it an instant classic.

9) 12 Monkeys

Source: Twelve Monkeys, Universal Studios

When broken down, time travel is such a quirky idea that it somehow fits right in with quirky storytelling. 12 Monkeys is about as quirky as it could get, and it’s gone on to inspire a TV series years after the original film was released.

The story is about a man sent back in time too try and stop a plague from being unleashed and wrecking havoc on the future. This premise could have been approached very seriously and filmed like a regular high budget action

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