25 top items for your Europe packing list for summer 2022

This summer it seems like everyone and their mother is packing their bags to flock across the sea for an escape to Europe.

The trend, dubbed “revenge travel,” comes as countries have loosed there COVID-19 travel restrictions and opened back up to tourists. Allianz Partners analyzed more than 40,000 trip itineraries planned for this summer and concluded that American travel to Europe will jump 600% from last year.

Between weather shocks, economic trends, and a potential energy crises, it will be especially important for travelers to plan and pack accordingly.

Southeast Europe continues to face record-breaking heatwaves, with advisories to avoid direct sunlight in countries including Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Meanwhile, Western Europe has experienced unprecedented rainfall and devastating floods.

Also important to note, is that the euro and dollar exchange rate has reached parity for the first time in two decades. This development comes as inflation skyrockets in America, and Europe faces an energy crises sparked by sanctions from Russia following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

What does all this mean for travelers? In addition to considering all the stylish outfits you can’t wait to put on, tourists should also come prepared with weather-ready clothing and emergency items. Americans might also throw in some savvy, storage devices since dollars will now go further when shopping abroad. Read up on all our advice for what to put in your suitcase as you plan your next trip:

  1. Women’s Style
  2. Men’s Style
  3. Electronic Devices
  4. Travel Essentials
  5. Emergency Items

Women’s Style

1. Revolve Ready or Yacht Dress, $63, Original Price: 83$

Revolve white maxi dress

It’s time to ditch the workout out clothes and stained sweatpants.

If you want to fit in with the Europeans, you will need

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