Blueberry Headband is a strain worthy of a final adventure | Cannabis


Within The Green House’s potent stoneables lay a strain worthy of a final adventure

Editor’s note: This is the Indy’s final strain review, but fear not… We’ll maintain your buzz with all the marijuana, CBD and hemp news you need to stay on top of happenings in the industry in our new weekly Cannasphere roundup, launching July 27.  

Rarely does one know when the next act will be the last. We recently got the alert that this strain review would be the last from our Dynamic Duo of Dankitude. It seems the sea has shifted and new directions lay ahead for the paper. So as I looked at the eighths I’d picked up from The Green House (the first time I’ve darkened their door), I wondered if within those potent stoneables lay a strain worthy of a final adventure, the last shout out to the scene we’d so lovingly covered for the last couple of rotations ’round the old ball of fire. 

The Green House is a fine enough establishment — comfy and sleek. The budtender was there to offer a recommendation that landed with this head, so I took home some Blueberry Headband that looked delectable and dank. From the family tree where Blueberry meets 707 Headband, this flower is an Indica testing at just under 26 percent THC and grown by The Green House crew. Most of the buds I got in my eighth were pretty solid and dense, but there were some looser nugs as well. Overall, the Headband packed into the bowl pretty tightly, filling it quickly and densely. The buds absolutely shimmer with trichomes, those potent, pure crystals popping up all over. 

I played Maggie Rogers’ equally potent track “Light On” to accompany the strain. The Blueberry Headband fires on

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