Below Deck Adventure: Oriana Schneps, Lewis Romance Update

Oriana Schneps and Lewis Lupton can be seen getting rather steamy aboard superyacht Mercury in Below Deck Adventure‘s Season 1 trailer, but did the romance ever make it to dry land?

According to Oriana, no — but she has zero regrets. “When you’re working in close quarters with anyone on a boat, you just start to spend more time with them, and over time, you kind of develop a friendship or romance or whatever it may be,” the stew told The Daily Dish. “Coming aboard, he wasn’t someone who initially caught my eye, but when I got to know him a bit more, it progressed a bit.”

As for where she and the bosun stand today, Oriana revealed they’ve stayed friends. “He’s awesome. I saw him the other month when we were both out in L.A.,” she added. “We keep in contact. He’s a great guy and I’m really happy to have him in my life.”

Lewis isn’t the only man in Oriana’s life, though. In fact, she told The Daily Dish that her current boyfriend John was once a charter guest of hers. “We actually never really interacted much on the boat, but Faye [Clarke] and I, after the season — her and I became really close throughout — we decided to take a trip to Croatia together.”

John just so happened to be there as well. “And that’s kind of when I started to get to know him,” Oriana said. “We were friends at that time, and then over the course of the next couple months, we would just keep in touch. And then we saw each other a couple more times and then a few months later, we decided to go beyond friends.”

The rest was history — as is the drama that played out 

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