Starbucks Charged A Couple Over INR 3 Lakhs For 2 Coffees. Heres What Happened Next

The high prices of some top coffee shops have always been under question. While many people don’t find the beverages worth their price, a larger section of society is totally in love with it. However, an Oklahoma couple claimed that they were charged a lot more, for a regular coffee order, than usual. The couple ended up paying over $4,000 (Rs. 3,30,192 approx.) for just two cups of coffee at a local Starbucks drive-through. And, usually, their order comes out to around $10 (Rs. 825 approx.). 
According to a WSMV4 report, Jesse and Deedee O’Dell were hit with a bill of $4,456.27 (Rs. 3,67,847 approx.) on January 7. But, the couple was totally unaware of it. Days later, when Deedee was at the mall with her children and she tried to make a purchase using the same card, it was denied. Following this, the couple got to know that they were charged a hefty price for coffee by Starbucks for their coffee order.

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Jesse revealed that despite calling the customer service of the coffeehouse chain multiple times, they didn’t receive their money back. Jesse said, “We contacted their (Starbucks) customer service helpline probably 30 to 40 times that day. We got a call from a representative who said they are sending new checks. But as of today, we still have not received checks.” The couple also filed a report with the Tulsa Police Department. 

The situation got so bad that the couple were forced to cancel their scheduled family vacation.“We had planned to take a trip but had to cancel and the tickets are non-refundable. This is something that has caused duress in our family and hopefully, others don’t have to go through

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Oklahoma Starbucks accidentally charges $4,000 in TIP, forces family to cancel vacation to Thailand

Starbucks charges customer more than $4,000 in TIPS for two cups of coffee: Sent him checks as repayment – but they bounced, forcing him to cancel ‘once in a lifetime’ family vacation over lack of funds

  • A Tulsa man says he was charged more than $4,000 in a tip for two cups of coffee at Starbucks in Oklahoma
  • Jesse and Deedee O’Dell said they spent hours on the phone with Starbucks after the coffee chain charged them nearly $4,500 during a January 7 stop 
  • The O’Dells were forced to cancel a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip after the refund checks they were sent bounced, leaving them calling Starbucks repeatedly 

An Oklahoma man was charged $4,000 in tips for two cups of coffee at a Tulsa Starbucks and had to cancel a ‘once in a lifetime trip‘ as he and his wife struggled to get their money back. 

A picture of the receipt showed the nearly $4,500 bill for two coffees, with should have cost $11.83. That would have been the total if not for a mysterious $4,444.44 tip. 

Jesse O’Dell says he and his wife Deedee quickly reached out to Starbucks after they realized the error and were told it was a system error that caused the incident. 

Officials for the popular java franchise told the O’Dells they would be sending checks to cover the costs. The Tulsa couple, however, say they spent a day calling customer service ’30 to 40 times’ after the checks bounced. 

The O’Dells also say they were forced to cancel a vacation while they waited to get their money back and filed a report with the Tulsa Police Department over the situation. 

Deedee (left) and Jesse O'Dell (right) were charged nearly $4,500 during a routine trip to Starbucks


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