10 Games To Play If You Love High On Life

High On Life has proved to be an incredibly polarizing game. Even from the first clips that were released of it, you either loved it or hated it. Fans said that the game was incredibly witty and funny, while detractors say it drags on with unfunny banter. Meanwhile, opinions on the gameplay are entirely split — not to mention the other drama the game has brought with it.

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But, the game does have its fans who truly love the experience for its oddball humor that never stops (for better or worse), for the strange and unique artstyle the studio always has, and the weirder take on an FPS game. No matter what you love from High On Life, there’s a similar game here for you.


Metal Hellsinger-1

FPS games are a genre that hasn’t seen much innovation in recent generations, so new takes like High On Life are a breath of fresh air — and one other fresh take is Metal: Hellsinger. Metal: Hellsinger is an FPS that sees you control a lost soul as you blast your way through the layers of hell to recover your voice and get revenge on the demons.

The main draw of Hellsinger is how it combines the FPS and rhythm game elements, with you having to move and shoot to the beat to deal extra damage, requiring extra strategy and thought in your movement and how to keep the beat going. The game also features many well known metal artists with songs that metal fans are bound to fall in love with.

9 Smile For Me

Smile for Me

One of the things that always stands out with the creator’s games is the strange approach to character design and writing, and for those who want a less

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