Italian Luxury At St. Regis Venice

Venice is a truly magical destination, and one of the things I love most about travel is going somewhere with a real sense of place, a distinctive feel that lets you know exactly where you are from morning to night. Venice has that in spades, there is just no other place like it, and I’m so glad I just got to return after an absence of several years. I’m also glad that this time I stayed at the St. Regis Venice, which like the city it is in, is totally one-of-a-kind, featuring a distinctive charm and atmosphere.

The one caveat here is that Venice has also become one of the more overcrowded and over touristed destinations on earth, at least in high summer season. That’s why I went in January, and why I highly recommend visiting off season, when it is still just as charming, fully open, has better weather than many places here at home, like New York, and is dramatically less busy. You can actually stroll the narrow passageways without fighting endless tour groups or queuing up to cross the many bridges, museum and attraction tours can be done spur of the moment, you can book the best restaurants in town with much shorter notice, and walk into cafes on a whim.

It is also much less expensive. In summer it has one of the priciest hotel scenes you can imagine, but in winter it has 5-Star palatial luxury properties for less than you will

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The Best Hotels to Book in 2023

By Kris Fordham, CNN

(CNN) – The coming year is looking to be a promising one for travel, with restrictions disappearing in many countries, new flight routes launching, and the hotel industry bringing its A-game after two years of uncertainty.

From next-level luxury escapes in Dubai, Mozambique, and the Maldives, to hip urban hideaways in Paris, Sydney, and Palm Springs, this year’s exciting array of new hotels has something for every traveler (and budget!).

We’ve handpicked 20 incredible hotels with openings in 2022 and 2023 for you to stay at – or dream of – in the new year.

Starting rates are included where available.

Out Traveler Editor’s Note: Certain countries on this list, such as Dubai, Mozambique and the Maldives, are not always kind to LGBTQ+ travelers.

Known for its beautiful African safaris, the luxury travel company andBeyond will be launching its first lodge in Asia with the opening of Punakha River Lodge in Bhutan in September 2023.

The lodge will feature just six safari-style tented suites, plus two villas with private plunge pools and hot tubs (depending on the season). With its spectacular location on the banks of the Mo Chhu River deep in the Punakha Valley, each suite boasts stunning 360-degree views over the surrounding Eastern Himalayas.

Other diversions include nature hikes, temple visits, paddy field lunches, and traditional Bhutanese hot stone baths.

andBeyond Punakha River Lodge, Punakha Valley, Bhutan

Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa

Situated on a lush tropical island on a glittering turquoise lagoon in the Raa Atoll, Emerald Faarufushi is the literal definition of paradise. Here, guests can choose from 38 castaway-chic beach villas, or 42 equally luxe overwater villas, perched on stilts above the ocean, each with its own private plunge pool.

There’s also a sprawling spa, a dive center,

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America’s Best Ski Hotels For Your Ultimate Winter Vacation

When it comes to ski vacations, one size does not fit all.

Some travelers care most about the mountain itself, the snow and terrain, and could care less where they sleep if the skiing and snowboarding is great. Others love a ski town experience and want it all, a breadth of shops and bars and restaurants and non-ski activities. Some people care about the hotel above all else, and for this kind of luxury traveler, that tends to be true of most vacations, whether they are going to a beach, a city or the mountains. If you are one of these, and really care about your hotel, my column today is for you.

But let’s be clear – the best luxury ski hotels are not the same thing as the best ski resorts, and there are some great resorts that simply do not have anything that qualifies as a standout luxury lodging (or have this option only in the form of rental villas or homes). Great examples of this include Alta, Crested Butte, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge and many others that just don’t have the 4 or 5-Star luxury property some skiers want, but are still great places to ski. Snowbasin and Powder Mountain are huge Utah resorts, among the nation’s biggest, and this duo takes it a step further – neither has a single hotel of any kind. Many Lake Tahoe resorts enjoy prodigious snowfall but lack upscale lodging options. I have gone on record here at Forbes that Telluride is probably my favorite ski destination in the entire country for its stunning combination of

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