Expect a 25% increase in US airfare prices from 2021

  • Four in 10 respondents said they want to travel for their Halloween celebrations, according to a survey by ValuePenguin.
  • Halloween is coming at a higher cost, as inflation increases the price of event tickets, costumes and more, the National Retail Foundation found.
  • Domestic airfare prices over Halloween weekend, from Oct. 28 to 31, will cost $224 on average, Hopper told USA TODAY.

Nelson Garcia’s love for Halloween began when he was a kid and has only grown since then.

When he was young, his family would go to the dollar store and buy all the goodies to decorate their front yard with, like purple string lights and fake ghosts and spiderwebs. Every time Halloween rolled around, he remembers getting excited to dress up in costume and do all the traditional activities like carving pumpkins and watching classic Halloween movies. “Those memories bring me a lot of joy,” he told USA TODAY. 

As an adult, he started to take his love one step further – quite literally, as in, he and his siblings now travel for the holiday, a new tradition that came about a few years ago. “Growing up in South Florida, we don’t really experience fall weather, so we try to go somewhere with cooler weather to get the full Halloween experience,” he said. 

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Each year, they try to pick a new location, such as New York and Atlanta. This year, it’s Massachusetts: “One of my best friends just moved to Boston, so it felt like an obvious choice this year, especially with Salem being so close.” He and his brother plan to fly from Florida to Boston, attend a Halloween party,

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