Disney’s ‘Road Trip Adventure’ skates into Spokane Arena

Art is imitating life for Maria Starr. The veteran Disney On Ice skater laughed when asked about what the latest blade running show, “Road Trip Adventure,” is like from day to day.

“It’s funny the show is about a road trip and we’re constantly on a road trip,” Starr said. “That is our life on and off the ice.”

Starr, 30, has been a part of Disney On Ice productions since she was 17 and is on the road for 11 months of the year.

“I love it,” Starr said. “I’m in a different city every week but I’m really enjoying this show since it’s something different.”

“Road Trip Adventure,” which is slated for Friday through Sunday at the Spokane Arena, is making its debut in many Western cities.

“It’s the first time we’re taking the show in this part of the country,” Starr said. “Disney on Ice fans will enjoy this show since it’s the most interactive show I’ve ever been part of,” Starr said. “When Mickey and Minnie Mouse drive their magic mobile around the ice sometimes fans end up in the car. This is a different show.”

There are some new wrinkles but there will be some familiar sights for Disney fans who attend “Road Trip Adventure.”

The characters from such Disney classics as “Aladdin,” “Frozen,” “Toy Story,” “The Lion King” and of course Mickey Mouse will be skating and engaging fans.

Mickey and the gang take the audience on an interactive run through many iconic Disney destinations from a variety of films. Prepare to hit the rooftops of London with Mary Poppins and the tropical island of Motunui with Moana and Maui.

“Mary Poppins truly feels like you’re at a Broadway show,” Starr said. “There’s also ‘Frozen,’ which is amazing but it’s a plug for me

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