My single sister demands we pay part of her vacation bill

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Dear Pay Dirt,

My sister is (unhappily) single and child-free with a well-paying job. I only bring this up because I am not sure if it contributes to her views on this issue. She was engaged 10 years ago but they broke up and she hasn’t had a long-term relationship since, much to her dismay. She sometimes speaks negatively about her friends who have gotten married or been in long-term relationships.

When my sister travels with our family or with friends she insists on splitting the cost of accommodations by the number of people, so if she gets a hotel room with a married couple she wants to split it three ways. Our family (my wife and I, both women; my widowed brother and his young son, our parents, and my sister) take at least two vacations together a year: a ski trip in the winter and a beach trip in the summer. We usually rent a condo for the ski and beach trips with enough rooms for each person/unit. My sister insists that we split the cost six ways for each adult. I think we should split it four ways because doing it her way means she pays half as much as the couples do. For a $3,000 condo split her way our parents and my wife and I will be spending $1,000 while she and my brother spend $500. If we split it four ways, then my parents, wife, and I will be spending $250 less and she’d be paying $250 more, which seems reasonable since we are all getting the same amount of space.

I could see her point more if she had to sleep on

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