Three Ways For Travel Brands To Earn Customer Loyalty

Lauren Gumport is the Director of Communications & Brand at travel insurance disruptor Faye.

If you’re one of the 73% of Americans ValuePenguin found have summer travel plans, you’re likely vexed by the rise in costs amid the complete chaos occurring at airports—from widespread cancellations to pilot shortages. All the while, we’re surrounded by news of layoffs and a possible impending recession.

At a time when it seems empathy from travel brands is the answer, many are doing the opposite by implementing clear—dare I say greedy—monetization strategies that seem geared toward taking advantage of a year of “revenge travel” in which many may be willing to shell out more cash to make up for trips canceled during the peak of the pandemic.

Case in point: Some airlines are now not only charging for checked luggage but also pieces you can carry on. And in an effort to persuade more travelers to opt into their rewards programs, some may encourage sign-ups as a way to promise no-fee carry-ons and the ability to board earlier so your bag isn’t checked against your will. And who wants a checked bag these days given the pileup that just happened at Heathrow?

All of this—the prices, the lines and so on—is unlikely to deter travel. I know many people are planning to take a trip (or two) this summer regardless of unpleasant flights. And this means consumer loyalty is up for grabs. So rather than alienating those looking to take to the skies without going for broke, travel brands can use this as an opportunity to showcase empathy, transparency and clear terms to mitigate much of the conflict and confusion that we’re seeing occur worldwide this season. In doing so, they’ll create brand cheerleaders for life.

Here are three examples of

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