8 Not-To-Miss Hotel Loyalty Promotions For Fall And Winter Travel

With the leaves changing and temperatures dropping, you don’t have to stop thinking about your next warm-weather vacation. A long list of loyalty program promotions from hotels could have you racking up points and other perks to enjoy on your next trip. From your favorite hotels in global hubs like London and Sydney to new hotels elsewhere that are opening this fall, vacation mode should be permanently switched on thanks to the benefits that come with hotel loyalty programs and affiliated credit cards.

Vacations can also stem from travel-related contests and sweepstakes, some of which can have you living your bucket list travel or sports fan dream. No matter where you plan to go this fall, these are some of the biggest fall promotions worth registering for in the coming weeks.

Choose your fall bonus with IHG One Rewards

This fall promotion from IHG One Rewards gives members the chance to choose the promotion that works best for their travel plans. They can register for 2,000 bonus points after every two nights or 10,000 bonus points after every four nights. Once chosen, the offer cannot be adjusted, and that’s how they will earn points on qualifying stays between Oct. 13, 2022 and Dec. 31, 2022. Be sure to register before you check in for your first stay. To maximize the promotion, it depends how many nights you plan to stay with IHG this fall. If you will have a lot of nights, the 10,000 point offer makes more sense, especially if these are in even multiples of four.

Up to 4,000 bonus points per

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