World Smile Day will see me smiling throughout — for God’s graces, valued friendships and the adventure of life: Justice B. Hill

CLEVELAND, Ohio — I’m presuming most people don’t know what today is. Fact is, I might not have known either had I not bumped into information about this day on the internet. Yet I couldn’t allow this Friday to pass without my hoping everybody else honors it.

No, October 7 isn’t some tragic day to commemorate. Nor is it a day that will force you to dip into your wallet. Instead, the day is an occasion to celebrate something less tangible: a smile.

Yep, it’s “World Smile Day,” which happens annually the first Friday each October.

I’d say Americans have reasons to smile. Consider for a second what we have in life. Rather, think what our life might be had it gone down the other fork on this long, twisty road.

My thoughts center there now and again, mostly as dreams that come and go. I think about the peers I’ve lost — close friends, whose deaths shook me; they all had more living to do.

From those lost camaraderies, I recall the pleasure each of them brought me, the joys from their brotherhoods and sisterhoods. I remember, too, occasions when we would sit and laugh, cry and, occasionally, scream at one another.

When the screaming ceased, the laughter resumed, which proved kinder to our bodies than the unhealthiness of yelling. (What good did the yelling do anyhow?)

I’ve come to see life as a daily comedy, my sitcom of sorts. Much of it is hard to grasp; some of it borders on the ridiculous. These oft-public performances have given me the best of living one minute, the worst of it the next.

The uncertainty leaves me little choice but to smile at it all.

I’ll smile a lot today. I’ll smile as I thank store clerks for

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