Why You Should Spend Your Next Vacation In A Small Town

Whether coastal, mountain, lakefront, or in between, the small towns that speckle the South are brimming with storybook charm and beckoning with history, culture, hospitality, and beauty. If a small map dot isn’t atop your travel bucket list now, these reasons to visit will change your mind. 

Whether you crave a romantic escape, a toes-in-the-sand trip, or a destination that does it up at Christmastime, there’s a small town that’s just right for a visit. Heck, you may even be called to put down roots and join the community.

Here, 9 reasons your next vacation should be to a small town:

The Slower Pace

Small towns may have sleepy reputations, but with local festivals, farmers’ markets, and fairs, you can count on a wealth of ways to stay busy. Compared to a buzzing city or overcrowded beach resort, however, the calmer energy of a small town can feel like a balm. With fewer people and less traffic to contend with, you’ll be in for a soothing getaway without the commotion of a bustling destination.

Exploring a quiet place and letting your mind wander, too can be just the escape you need from the daily grind. Just strolling down Aiken, South Carolina’s live oak-lined streets or along Beaufort, North Carolina’s picturesque boardwalks can take you from stressed out to blissed out.

The Reasonable Cost

A weekend in a big city can end up costing you, from high hotel prices to trendy restaurants asking top dollar for entrees and cocktails. In a small town, you can typically get cozy accommodations for a steal, a memorable meal for a fraction of big-city prices, and admission to local attractions for free or a reasonable fee. 

The Sense of Discovery

There’s something invigorating about exploring a new place, especially one that’s a bit

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