Here’s How to Watch the Emmys Live For Free to See if Your Favorite TV Shows Win Big

If you love TV, you may want to know how to watch the Emmys 2022 live online for free to see which of your favorite shows win big and which go home empty-handed.

The Emmys, which are voted on by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, started in 1949 as an award show to honor the best of the best in television. The Emmys are considered one of four major entertainment awards in the United States, along with the Grammy (for music), the Oscar (for film) and the Tony (for theatre.) Less than 20 people have won at least one Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, which make up an EGOT.

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As for what an “Emmy” is, the word is the French version of the television crew slang term, “Immy,” which is a nickname for image orthicon,” a camera tube once used in early television cameras cameras. The design for an Emmy award is a winged woman holding an atom. The award was designed by television engineer Louis McManus, who used his wife as the model for the trophy. “The statuette of a winged woman holding an atom has since become the symbol of the Television Academy’s goal of supporting and uplifting the arts and science of television: The wings represent the muse of art; the atom the electron of science,” the Emmys website reads.

This year’s 74th Primetime Emmy Awards honor the best of American primetime television from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022. The awards follow the 74th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which were held on September 4 and September 4, 2022, and honor the best in artistic and technical achievement in American primetime television. So where can fans stream the Emmys 2022?

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