Eight Trips, Including The Amazon, America, Antarctica

One of the great things about adventure travel is that it gets you outdoors. And in this time of variants and safety unknowns, there’s no better place to be than out and about, enjoying nature, as you travel the world.

The Adventure Travel Trade Association recently released its 2022 Industry Snapshot report, including its “hot” trending adventure activities for this year. Among them are cycling – from electric bikes to mountain/non-paved and road biking – hiking/trekking, safaris/wildlife viewing, snowshoeing, and culinary, cultural and wellness experiences.

Here are eight trips around the world that exemplify these trends:

1. Cycling Across America: Whether you prefer road biking, gravel or dirt, or want the ease of an e-bike, Adventure Cycling Association offers guided tours featuring these options. Cycle the country’s Southern Tier from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida, go on a gravel ramble in the mountains of Montana or bring an e-bike along for a fall color tour in Vermont.


2. Antarctic Expedition: Embrace the spirit of polar exploration on an expedition to Antarctica with Adventure Life. Watch for seabirds and the first icebergs as you cross the often formidable Drake Passage to reach the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Once there, you’ll experience the wonder of the white continent as you cruise along spectacular ice cliffs looking for seals and whales, and go ashore to visit penguin rookeries and historic huts.


3. Yellowstone Adventures: Set on the edge of Yellowstone in Big Sky, Montana, The Wilson Hotel serves as a base camp for adventure. Travelers can explore the natural wonders and wildlife of America’s first national park on their own or with a guided tour, and find hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, skiing and more around Big

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