From extreme neglect to new life of love and adventure make room for ‘Nakey Jakey’

At the Kentucky Humane Society, a terrier mix suffering from heartbreaking neglect arrived. His severe disease and infections left his skin so raw and inflamed, all of his fur had fallen away. In fact, his skin was so raw and painful on arrival, the staff had not even been able to even comfort him.

In addition to his raging infections almost all over his body, the dog dubbed Jake’s front legs were deformed as a result of carpal hypertension – a condition caused by long term malnutrition. His nails were some of the longest and most painful the veterinarians treating him had ever seen. His condition is similar to animals who have been confined for most of their lives.

Despite all he’s been through, he is sweet, a little goofy and gentle. We named him Jakey, but everyone has fallen so in love with him that we are affectionately calling him Nakey Jakey! Our vet team is treating his skin infections and managing his pain and we are making sure he is getting all the nutrition he needs. We’re already beginning to see some fur come in! Once his infections are under control and he is on the road to recovery.


From now on, Nakey Jakey will be receiving the care and love he needs, although he does have a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Updates to follow.

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