How To Make Your Public Holidays Longer

Fancy yourself the king of the holiday hack? Every time January rolls around, the more tactful full-time workers amongst us start to think about how they can maximise their standard 20 days of paid annual leave and stretch it out with the best annual leave dates. 2023 will be no different, and if you work it correctly you’re looking at turning your 20 days of paid leave into a 48-day vacation. Not a consecutive 48 days, of course, but 48 days in total throughout the calendar year.

In 2019, Contiki did the quick math to find out you could stretch your allocated leave to a total of 42 days, which was a revelation for those who wanted to spend as much time as possible overseas without undershooting their work obligations.

For 2022, the team at Finder one-upped the idea of the annual leave hack, revealing that if you play your cards exactly right (and you live in certain Australian states) you could turn 20 days of annual leave into potentially 58 days… without taking a single day of unpaid leave. They did cheat a bit though, counting the New Year’s period from 2021-2022.

Here, we’ve only considered the 2023 calendar year and the public holidays like Australia Day, Queen’s Birthday and Good Friday, so the annual travel hack starts late January.

Best Annual Leave Dates 2023 – Table Of Contents

How To Maximise Annual Leave In 2023

Take note of the best annual leave dates and book your time off accordingly. Remember, your colleagues are going to be reading this too so consider this a race. First look through the full 2023 public holiday schedule for Australia and think about how you can make your public holidays longer. Taking annual leave never felt so good.

20 days is the legal

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