Black Workers In California Allege Their Latino Co-Workers Would Write Things On Bathroom Walls Like ‘Gorillas, Go Back To Africa’ In Lawsuit

If “I know you lying” was a situation, it would be one where Black employees are the constant target of racism, discrimination, and blatant disrespect.

There is no secret that America has a problem. Shoot, the world has a problem with Black people. Deeply rooted in inaccurate tropes, systems created for oppression, and perspectives shaped around negativity – Black people, constantly have to figure out how to navigate spaces not designed for their success.

And while many are aware of the treatment mentioned above that can sometimes happen from white people to Black people; the LA Times recently reported that workplace abuse toward Black people is becoming more rampant among Latino colleagues.

Same Show, Different Actors

While most workplace discrimination and harassment against Black people still come from white predators, the LA Times reports that instances of anti-Black bias are growing among Latinos.

The Latinos make up 19 percent of the United States population, and  39 percent in the state of California. And while Latin people are also subject to racial discrimination in the workplace and abroad, two of the most significant cases brought by the federal government in California were regarding alleged abuse of Black employees at warehouses of Inland Empire, one of California’s major distribution hubs.

The report found from interviews that a majority of racist insults and slurs came from Latino co-workers and management staff in the Ontario and Moreno Valley facilities. Based on court filings, one of those consistent slurs was the Spanish slang for the N-word, “m-yate.”

“They said it in English — they said it in Spanish all the time,” Leon Simmons explained to the LA Times. “When they look you right in the eye and call you the N-word to your face, that’s dehumanizing.”

Take It To Court

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