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Napa’s inhabitants are pretty lucky. As people visit Napa from different towns and other states, Highway 29 leads to the promised land of food and wine. Their adventure in a culinary theme park awaits them. Highly decorated chefs and elite food industry enthusiasts saturate the valley, making it a food and wine mecca for food enthusiasts from around the globe.

Fortunately for locals like myself, these award-winning food destinations are a stone’s throw away from my place of work and my home. A drive to the Oxbow public market or a stroll through Main Street takes less time than waiting for a set of commercials between innings of a Giants game. If we want to go out of our way, we can take the five-minute trek to Yountville and frolic throughout its goldmine of award-winning restaurants.

Along with this vast array of culinary influences, comes menu items such as burgers, pasta, pastries, mind-blowing Mexican food, and pizzas that would put Diners Drive-ins and Dives reviews in shambles. Chicken sandwiches from R+D, a few tacos from C Casa, and some of the best donuts or bagels from Winston’s are just a few tantalizingly decadent treats. An adventure on a food tour of Napa is similar to a state of bliss in an unforgettable dream you wouldn’t want to wake from.

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As locals living in a food paradise, we are presented with potential obstacles that can afflict our well-being. Obtaining takeout or ordering DoorDash is easy. So, why would we want to cook something nutritionally balanced and healthy at home?

Additionally, it shouldn’t be surprising that too much of a good thing can lead to sub-optimal effects on our body’s physiology. Carbohydrates from buns, tacos and pastries increase insulin secretion in our bloodstream and promotes over-absorption of carbohydrates.

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