How to not ‘rely so heavily on govt support’ while still living your best life

So we’re all getting some cash payouts from the government but somehow after Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong’s speech about it, you’re feeling bad about it.

During his big budget announcements yesterday, he mentioned that the government was committed to helping the people and that they “provided comprehensive support last year” and are doing so again this year. But he also made us all feel like leaches by adding that he hopes “all Singaporeans understand that it is not fiscally sustainable to rely so heavily on Government support year after year to cope with inflation.”

He then urged everyone to “press on” with restructuring, transformation, productivity and upgrading skills at every opportunity. Oof, so many big words.

You have pride, you have feelings and you long to be a better person someday. Somebody who doesn’t have to depend on the government, despite crazy increases in inflation and cost of living.

Well, that day is today. But don’t worry, we’ve got some advice on how to downsize your expenses, but not at the cost of making you look like a cheapskate.

Fo example, you probably work in the city center where you’re eating more-than-S$10 lunch set at nice restaurants every day. Why does it have to be so extreme? If you still want to look high SES (that’s “socio-economic status”) and like someone who has their shit together – without spending much, we have all the tips.

Starter pack

Consider becoming self-reliant an adventure. And, as with any adventure, you need some basic essentials. We recommend getting a lunchbox and a reusable coffee cup or tumbler. Make sure that these are airtight, spill-proof, heat-retaining and all that jazz because it will save you from future disappointment. You might have to lay out some cash for this but there are plenty

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