This Person’s Boss Sent Them To HR Because They Didn’t Answer Texts On Vacation, And Hustle Culture Has Gone Too Far

Whether I’m on vacation or using a sick day, I like to think of my PTO as time when I’m being explicitly paid to NOT work. Like, on those days, relaxing is my job.

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(Actual footage of me enjoying my vacation time to the very fullest.)

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But unfortunately, too many bosses out there treat employees’ vacation time like any other work day. Even worse, some bosses take it as a personal offense if workers aren’t available at their beck and call — no matter how many months in advance their PTO was requested.

Recently, vacation&″ data-ylk=”slk:u/dogmom200″ class=”link “u/dogmom200 shared a story in r/Antiwork about their boss’s reaction after work texts during vacation time went unanswered, and their experience stirred up a lot of conversation.

woman on the phone saying I'm on vacation we need to have bounaries

woman on the phone saying I’m on vacation we need to have bounaries

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They wrote, “Over the holidays, I was on vacation time for two weeks. I ignored the calls, texts, and emails from my boss. Now, I’m back and have a meeting with HR. I don’t even know what to say!”

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After meeting with HR, they added an update to answer some questions and share what happened next. They wrote, “*UPDATE: I’m a junior employee with no company phone. HR says my boss feels ignored and was ‘worried about me’ since I didn’t respond while on vacation. He claims a third party had a question for me on December 22 (something that could have waited).”

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Finally, they said, “They gave me a ‘verbal warning’ because my egomaniac boss feels this is not the first time I’ve been ‘insubordinate’ to him 🤦‍♀️. I’m already applying to new places as we speak.”

woman saying I quit

woman saying I quit


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