Best New Hotels in Paris to Book Now

Whether this marks your first trip to Paris or your fifth, where you stay contributes greatly to the experience you have. Do you want to be in the center of the action, perhaps near the newly reopened La Samaritaine department store or the Hotel de la Marine palace? Or do you want to do the whole “live like a local” thing by staying in and around the outskirt arrondissements; near a train station or metro hub, or close to neighborhood bakeries, épiceries, and cafés?

This list of new Parisian hotels offers a mix of options—although you won’t find any palaces or chains. These are all small, independent boutique hotels that opened in 2020-2021, some even in the midst of the pandemic where they became a refuge for Parisians looking to escape their own apartments, as well as for European travelers to finally explore once borders reopened.

Wherever you choose, sleep well, mes amies—but not too well. In fact, maybe set that alarm or leave those curtains open for the early rising summer sun: the city has been waiting for you to return and there’s lots to see and do while staying at one of these seven new hotels in Paris.


Drab chain hotels these ain’t.

Photo by Benoit Linero courtesy of Hotel Les Deux Gares

Hotel les Deux Gares

  • What to expect: Alice in Wonderland vibes with an ideal location near two train stations
  • Location: Close to Gare du Nord
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Designed by British decorator Luke Edward Hall, Hotel les Deux Gares, a new property from the Touriste Group (with three other Paris hotels, and one soon to come in London) is very Alice in Wonderland meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Whether you’re in the bathroom, lobby, hallway or elevator, bright colors and patterns

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