The ultimate Upstate NY fall vacation: Book a luxury stay at Beak and Skiff, an award-winning apple orchard

If spending the day at an apple orchard is so much fun you never want to leave, now you don’t have to with newly built vacation stays at the award winning Upstate New York orchard, Beak & Skiff.

The Central New York farm has been in operation for 111 years, sitting on Apple Hill with an idyllic view of the peaks and valleys nearby. The orchard campus is home to a concert venue, a tavern with locally made spirits, hard ciders, and wine, a bakery, general store, cafe and more.

You can now fully immerse yourself in all things apple, year-round at The Houses at Beak & Skiff, three luxury vacation rentals for the whole family, located right on the farm.

The Honeycrisp House

The Houses at Beak & Skiff

Book a luxury stay at Beak & Skiff, an award-winning apple orchard with one of their three rental properties: The Honeycrisp House, the Orchard Overlook, and the Blossom Retreat. Here, the Honeycrisp House was the brand’s first rental property. Provided photo |

The rental property that started it all was the Honeycrisp House. Originally built by a third generation family member, the house sits atop the highest point in Onondaga County. From here you can enjoy spectacular views of Apple Valley from the home’s floor to ceiling windows, cozy up by a grand fireplace, and paddle in the outdoor heated pool, or host a gathering here of up to 25 people. It is located directly across from the orchard’s main campus.

The Houses at Beak & Skiff

Book a luxury stay at Beak & Skiff, an award-winning apple orchard with one of their three rental properties: The Honeycrisp House, the Orchard Overlook, and the Blossom Retreat. The living room at the Honeycrisp House. Provided photo |

The Orchard Overlook

The Houses at Beak and Skiff

Book a luxury stay at Beak & Skiff,

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Sean McCawley, Fit for Life: Look at the menu ahead of time | Health & Fitness

Napa’s inhabitants are pretty lucky. As people visit Napa from different towns and other states, Highway 29 leads to the promised land of food and wine. Their adventure in a culinary theme park awaits them. Highly decorated chefs and elite food industry enthusiasts saturate the valley, making it a food and wine mecca for food enthusiasts from around the globe.

Fortunately for locals like myself, these award-winning food destinations are a stone’s throw away from my place of work and my home. A drive to the Oxbow public market or a stroll through Main Street takes less time than waiting for a set of commercials between innings of a Giants game. If we want to go out of our way, we can take the five-minute trek to Yountville and frolic throughout its goldmine of award-winning restaurants.

Along with this vast array of culinary influences, comes menu items such as burgers, pasta, pastries, mind-blowing Mexican food, and pizzas that would put Diners Drive-ins and Dives reviews in shambles. Chicken sandwiches from R+D, a few tacos from C Casa, and some of the best donuts or bagels from Winston’s are just a few tantalizingly decadent treats. An adventure on a food tour of Napa is similar to a state of bliss in an unforgettable dream you wouldn’t want to wake from.

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As locals living in a food paradise, we are presented with potential obstacles that can afflict our well-being. Obtaining takeout or ordering DoorDash is easy. So, why would we want to cook something nutritionally balanced and healthy at home?

Additionally, it shouldn’t be surprising that too much of a good thing can lead to sub-optimal effects on our body’s physiology. Carbohydrates from buns, tacos and pastries increase insulin secretion in our bloodstream and promotes over-absorption of carbohydrates.

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Choice Privileges Recognized As a Top Hotel Loyalty Program By U.S. News & World Report

Award-winning loyalty program praised for expanded member benefits as it makes Best Hotel Rewards Program list six years in a row

ROCKVILLE, Md., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Choice Privileges, the award-winning loyalty program from Choice Hotels International, Inc.  (NYSE: CHH), has once again been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a top hotel loyalty program, according to the publication’s newly released 2022-2023 Best Hotel Rewards Program list. The latest accolade marks the sixth consecutive year Choice Privileges has been distinguished as a leader in the hotel rewards category, and highlights Choice’s continued commitment to delivering exceptional value to travelers.

(PRNewsfoto/Choice Hotels International, Inc.)

(PRNewsfoto/Choice Hotels International, Inc.)

“Today’s best loyalty programs are the ones that listen to travelers and ensure year-after-year they continue to resonate with guests’ unique travel needs,” said Jamie Russo, vice president, loyalty programs and customer engagement. “Member feedback has always been the driving force behind the Choice Privileges loyalty program and our recurring recognition by U.S. News & World report as an industry leader affirms the value our unique perks and rewards offers travelers.”

To compile its distinguished annual list, U.S. News & World Report evaluated the top programs designed for everyday travelers and used a methodology that weighed five components: network size, property diversity, geographic coverage, added benefits and ease of earning a free night. For the 2022-2023 rankings, U.S. News created an additional scoring category to reward loyalty programs – like Choice Privileges – that continued to be flexible with members due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This past year, in addition to continuing its hallmark exclusive member rate and popular Your Extras offerings, Choice Privileges unveiled several enhancements for its members, including:

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Rivers, swamps, Bengal: Why does a new D&D adventure feel so familiar?

Fans call Dungeons & Dragons the world’s greatest table-top role playing game. The fantasy game has been published since 1974, with fans embarking on ever-more-elaborate imaginary adventures, guided by a Dungeon Master (or the referee / storyteller) and a set of many-sided dice. New adventures keep getting added, players have fleshed out their characters and rally with others on fantasy quests and campaigns.

Comedian Stephen Colbert and actor Vin Diesel are fans. And regardless of how famous you are or how many D&D campaigns you’ve been on, it’s possible to be bested by the gameplay. As fans like to put it: When the Dungeon Master smiles, it’s already too late.

The game delivered a welcome surprise this week. Journeys through the Radiant Citadel, an anthology of 13 D&D adventures (essentially, a playable book), marks the first time that all stories are written by creators who are people of colour.

The 224-page anthology features challenges for character levels 1 to 14. There’s an entry-level comedic mystery set in a night market, a slightly more advanced investigation is set on a sinister farm. There are 11 new monsters, an angel-ruled city. The Level 9 adventure will seem somewhat familiar. It’s inspired by 5th and 6th century Bengal and written by award-winning sci-fi and fantasy writer Mimi Mondal, 35, a Kolkatan who now lives in New York City.

In the Mists of Manivarsha is Mondal’s first D&D creation. Players follow the tale of a local Champion who goes missing in Shankhabhumi after a deadly flood. They traverse a landscape of sentient rivers that change course, creepy trees and a swamp forest.

Building new locations, with unique geographies, histories, inhabitants and conflicts, is key to D&D adventures, Mondal says. In this adventure, despite the rich gameplay set in cities such as Sagorpur, Ashwadhatu

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