Which hotel discount sites have lowest rates: study

(NEXSTAR) — Considering an end-of-summer vacay? You may be scanning hotel discount sites for the best rate on a quick getaway but a new study by travel site InsureMyTrip shows you may get more bang for your buck on some versus others.

Using data from 1,000 hotels across 20 cities, InsureMyTrip compared rates of three major booking sites to see who offers the cheapest deals on average — in addition to how much and how often. The study also compared discount booking sites with the cost of booking with hotels directly.

Here’s the ranking from most expensive to least expensive, per the study:

4. — Average price (for a double room for 2 people): $250.14. had the cheapest rates about 7% of the time.

3. Booking directly with the hotel — Average price: $222.87. Using a hotel’s website was cheaper than the three other sites about 39% of the time. Direct booking is also about $6 more expensive than the top 2 discount sites.

2. Expedia — Average price: $217.28. Expedia offers potential savings of about $32.87 and was the most affordable option about 579 times (or 58%), according to InsureMyTrip.

1. — Average price: $217.01. The difference between and Expedia is pretty marginal, though had the cheaper rate about 69% of the time.

It’s important to note both Expedia and are owned by the same parent company, Expedia Group, and thus, had similar or identical average rates in many instances. representatives did not immediately respond to Nexstar, however, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Laura Houldsworth told CNBC the company aims to be transparent with customers and that “our property partners are free to set their own prices on

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