Bindi Irwin Captured the Most Heart-Melting Footage of Grace Warrior on Vacation

Vacations with kids can go one of two ways: adorable family fun or epic meltdowns that leave parents longing for the comforting routines of home. (Or maybe both happens at various points on the same trip — it’s OK!) Bindi Irwin’s recently went on a getaway with her husband Chandler Powell, and she captured the most precious moments with their daughter grace-warrior/” data-ylk=”slk:Grace Warrior” class=”link “Grace Warrior, 20 months.

“We are staying in Maleny, which is about 20 minutes away from Australia Zoo,” Irwin says in the video posted to Instagram yesterday. She’s talking to the camera and Powell is reading books to Grace behind her. “Because the zoo is doing some wonderful very early morning tree works. As you can tell by Grace’s yawn just then, that exhausts us,” she laughs.

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“We live at Australia Zoo, which means that early morning tree works make us feel like that!” she continues. “With very limited sleep.” No wonder they needed a restful getaway!

Next, the Crikey! It’s the Irwins star shares a montage of the trip, and our hearts are melting at the cute toddler. Grace wears pink from head to toe in most of the video, as she wanders around outside. She climbs steps (with her trusty spoon in tow!), looks at colorful plants, and plays with a leaf.

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One of my favorite moments is when Powell introduces Grace to a butterfly. He holds out a leaf with the butterfly on it, and Grace leans down to admire it from a respectful distance. She is little, but she’s already so kind and respectful with nature!

This sweet video had people talking. “Grace is big nature lover just like her mama,” one person commented.


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