What to pack on your Disneyland or Walt Disney World vacation in 2023

With a little bit of advance planning, a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland can be just a little bit more magical.

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Despite rising ticket prices, theme parks are back in a major way. If you’ve booked a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World in 2023, now you need to figure out what to pack on your vacation to the “happiest place on Earth.” We’ve got some great suggestions, including genius theme park essentials (such as foldable water bottles) and deals on Disney-branded fan favorites (think Minnie Mouse ears).

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Regular Disney travelers maintain that packing the right items can make or break a trip, and even potentially help you save a lot of money. Comfortable clothes and shoes, your smartphone and a sun-shielding hat might be no-brainers, but there are other, less obvious essentials to throw into your suitcase.

These gadgets, gear and personal-hygiene items will make your trip a lot more safe, fun and enjoyable for you and your kids. And, a bonus? They generally cost a lot less to buy ahead of time than at a Disney gift shop. We rounded up everything you should pack to enhance your trip to a Disney destination. And, if you haven’t booked your Disney vacation, check out the best packages (hotel, air and park tickets included) on Orlando Vacations. 

Apple AirTag and wrist band



Even if you plan on walking the parks as a family, Apple AirTags help keep track of your kids and their belongings should they get lost. Order a watch band for each of them, so your kids

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