Kinzbachs enjoy Las Vegas and mull next adventure: Rocking the RV Life

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Kinzbachs are in the Las Vegas area getting ready to resume traveling this week.

They plan to head to Bullhead City, Arizona, and take a side trip to Oatman, Arizona, where wild donkeys roam freely – definitely Old West history.

This week, the couple talks about the area’s RV parks and how different parks have different rules along with varying amenities. (Because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good, the couple says.) They also encountered a mouse and offer a sure-fire tip on how to keep them away.

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They discuss plans to go north or south: Glacier National Park in Montana or Big Bend National Park in Texas? Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or Key West, Florida? Meanwhile, former radio man Jeff finds time to talk about a Pink Floyd concert that was part of the World Series of Rock at Cleveland Stadium back in 1977.

In Northeast Ohio, Jeff is well-known for his 50 years of radio work, first as a host of the Buzzard Morning News at WMMS-FM/100.7, and later at WONE FM/97.5 in Akron.

The Kinzbachs have been living out of their RV since Jeff retired from the radio business in September 2020. Now, Jeff and Patti have transferred Jeff’s radio skills to their adventurous podcast while traveling North America. The “Rocking the RV Life” podcast is presented in partnership with and The Plain Dealer.

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