Woman leaves donuts on counter before vacation, comes home to shocking infestation

This mom accidentally left a box of donuts out when she went on vacation, and returned to find her home overtaken by ants!

Diane (@invasian_) is a parent and TikToker who learned a valuable lesson about the perils of leaving food out for long periods of time. The TikToker went on a two-day vacation, and returned to discover her home taken over by ants, who were lured in by the aroma of leftover donuts. Diane shared the shocking video, in which a line of ants winds all the way around her home and up to the box of donuts sitting on the kitchen counter.

The video begins with a shot of Diane’s living room floor. At first, it’s hard to tell what’s amiss. Then, Diane takes a few steps forward and a line of ants comes into focus. The ants are walking in a curving line from one end of the living room to the other.

“We just came back from our trip guys, and look what’s going on here,” Diane says, panning the camera to show that the line of ants continues under a closed door. “Oh my gosh, they’re everywhere.”

Diane continues walking around the room, showing places where the line of ants breaks apart into two separate lines. It’s truly an infestation!

Then, Diane swings the camera towards the door that the ants appear to be coming from. “I don’t even want to know where that door leads to,” she says. “It might be like a huge super ant in there.”

Then, Diane walks into her kitchen. Multiple lines of ants are climbing up to the top of her kitchen counter, and it immediately becomes clear what has been luring the ants into Diane’s home. Atop the counter sits a pink box

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