Adventure Trips To Combat Stress And Burnout

Recal Mindful Adventure Travel is not your typical adventure travel company. In a world where mountain biking, rafting, and rock climbing are paramount, Recal offers memorable trips primarily aimed at those suffering from burnout. Consider their Quiet Park Series, held in locations like Olympic National Park, or their Dark Sky Series trips in Anza-Borrego Desert in California. These trips are about nature immersion and guided mindfulness practice combined with hiking, backpacking or canoeing. I met founder Anthony Lorubbio at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Lugano, Switzerland and asked him a few questions about Recal.

Everett Potter: You’re deeply vested in the mindful travel movement. Tell us how Recal started and why you needed to develop it.

Anthony Lorubbio: Recal began as a way to ‘recalibrate’ when the grind of modern life becomes overwhelming, and that’s the origin of the name Recal. Which, honestly, was more of a personal need than anything else. In late 2020, I worked extremely long hours with a busy, disconnected lifestyle in New York City until I couldn’t quite handle it any longer. So I went on a trip that combined three things I thought could be a recipe for a personal “recalibration”: nature, mindfulness, and adventure.

And to this day, that’s exactly what we do in travel — adventurous, retreat-style trips out in nature with a guide and coach-led mindfulness practices like breathwork, meditation, and journaling.

EP: Living in one of the noisiest places on the planet, I’m very interested in your Quiet Park trip series. How did they begin?

AL: As we were building out where to go for our mindful adventure trips, we wanted to go to places with

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