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Arizona is a place where even the most hapless point-and-click photographer comes back with spectacular pictures. With big blue skies and bold bursts of colour from the rugged desert scenery, there’s no need to switch settings and add filters.

It’s a state where the great outdoors is consistently dramatic, visually stunning and utterly enticing. Fortunately, Arizona offers several ways to make the most of its alfresco adventures.

Conquer the canyon

Arizona’s most famous natural wonder is, of course, the Grand Canyon. The Skywalk – a U-shaped cantilevered bridge over the canyon – should be seen as an introduction rather than the sole viewing platform, however.

For hikers, the Rim Trail along the South Rim offers a series of stupendous lookouts, with a shuttle bus service helping out those who don’t want to tackle the entire 13-mile route. There are, though, dozens of other hiking options from both the South and North Rim.

Grand Canyon trekking: don your boots and get hiking

Credit: Sirena Dufault

To add a touch of glamour to exploring the Grand Canyon, there’s the option of a helicopter tour. Maverick Helicopters runs scenic flights that take off from Grand Canyon National Park Airport, then zig-zag through the canyon bends, offering superlative bird’s eye views.

Raft the river

Seeing the Grand Canyon from above shows off the big picture. But rafting down the Colorado River puts you inside that picture, getting a true idea of just how steep those walls are.

Epic viewpoint: rafting the Colorado River puts you in the heart of the Grand Canyon

Credit: Brand USA

From the town of Page, Wilderness River Adventures runs a series of multi-day Colorado River rafting adventures that tackle the rapids as condors circle

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