Where Can You Find A Warm-Weather Vacation Near You?

Admit it: You’re ready for a warm-weather vacation. All this rain and cold weather make you want to hit the reverse button on the change of seasons.

“If your personal travel bug doesn’t allow you to let go of summer just yet, there are plenty of warm and sunny locales still offering summer-like experiences,” says Adam Lawless, a spokesman for Viator.

Full disclosure: I have one of those personal travel bugs. I grew up in a place that once proudly proclaimed that it was the destination in which winter took place. (But I still love Austria, just maybe not in January.)

Since then, I’ve chased the sun and have lived in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas — you get the idea. For me, the perfect temperature in late December is the mid-70s.

Unless I’m skiing.

The top U.S. destinations for fall 2022

Here are the top domestic destinations this fall, according to TripAdvisor:

1. Las Vegas

2. New York City

3. Orlando

4. Honolulu

5. Lahaina, Hawaii

6. Key West

7. Nashville

8. Myrtle Beach

9. New Orleans

10. Miami Beach

Notice a trend?

Only two places — New York and Nashville — are not warm-weather destinations. Unless, of course, you visit during the summer. These are excellent places to find a warm-weather vacation experience near you. I know because I’ve lived in a few of them (Florida Keys, Orlando, Honolulu).

But there’s more. Here’s my list of destinations where you can still experience summer.

Anaheim, Calif.

Anaheim is the place if you like year-round sunshine and being close to everything. Plus, they have a little theme park you may have heard about. Anaheim is

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