4 cities in Florida to visit this fall

Looking to book an upcoming escape from falling temperatures? Head to Florida!

Florida has long been known as a retirement or “snowbird” state due to its great weather, low turnover, and tax-friendliness—there is no state income tax. However, Florida is also a great state to road trip through. Besides its desirable weather, the ”Sunshine State” has a ridiculous amount of attractions and things to do—so many that you might reconsider why you’ve been living life elsewhere.

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Take the wonderful world of Walt Disney, for instance, or the Wynwood district in Miami. What about the very tip of the United States, known as the Florida Keys? They’re so picturesque they could be mistaken for snapshots from Tahiti. There is a lot to explore in this state, so we arranged a list of four cities you should visit in Florida, what to do, and where to stay and eat. After enjoying these attractions, you may be tempted to become a resident.


Jacksonville, Fla. is one of those places that has so much to offer you may see little need to travel outside city limits. With flight options straight into Jacksonville International Airport, the city is less congested than perhaps Miami or Fort Lauderdale and a superb place to start your journey. As one of the first major cities you will come across when traveling through Northeast Florida, “Jax” is also the twelfth most populous city in the United States, with lots of restaurants, beaches, art, and culture to indulge in.

Lodging: When choosing where to stay, consider One Ocean Resort & Spa for its immediate proximity to the beach, full-service, in-house spa, and nearby city fun that includes restaurants, yoga studios, and shopping galore.

Dine:  For a quick breakfast bite, try Homespun Kitchen smoothies, teas, and

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