How This Founder Is Using Global Travel To Help Elevate Women

When Erika Brechtel took 14 women with her on a volunteering trip to Morocco for the first Global Founder’s Retreat this summer, she knew this like-hearted group would inspire one another and form new professional connections. But she had no idea how intense the personal transformations would be within each of them.

“Many tears were shed. It was a cathartic experience—a revelation and release we didn’t know we needed,” Brechtel recalls. “The trip served as a wake-up call, like a summoning, to that tiny whisper within each of us that is ready to roar and make waves.”

As someone who has worked for 20 years as a branding designer, strategist and brand builder, Brechtel has always helped women leaders overcome the biggest block to their own success and fulfillment: themselves. “I believe women just need a little clarity around their value and the confidence to push it out in the world,” says Brechtel. “It’s for these reasons that I have seen my role as a facilitator: I’m simply bringing out of these women what’s already there, what’s always been there. And when we can bring it to light, it gives them life.”

With her new company, Élanoura—which is designed to enlighten, engage, and empower women leaders to create positive change with their businesses—Brechtel is helping women find their untapped power to do big things. Élanoura brings together and supports women by providing opportunities to explore a purpose bigger than themselves, connections outside of themselves and impact beyond themselves. The meaning of the company’s name comes from the concept of leading a “life” (élan) of “light” (oura).

Travel retreats are just one way Élanoura is helping

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