6 Best Reasons To Ski Italy’s Dolomites

The Dolomites have long been a top destination for skiers traveling from the UK, and even draw lots of visitors from neighbors with their own great skiing, such as Switzerland and Austria, which is an impressive compliment, but only in recent years have Americans begun to discover the region in significant numbers. This is likely to greatly increase after the 2026 Winter Olympic Games in Cortina, the “Queen of the Dolomites,” and a town that has already hosted the Olympics once (1956) but is better known for a fictional ski visit by James Bond, driving his winter equipped white Lotus Esprit Turbo here in the Spy Who Loved Me.

I just got back from an absolutely fabulous ski trip here, and there are so many good reasons why you should not wait until the post-Olympic crowds “discover” the place that it was hard to stop at just six.

1. Stunning Natural Beauty: There’s a good reason why the Dolomites have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The geology is distinctive and utterly breathtaking, with giant fin-shaped uplifts and towering rock massifs at every turn. By their very nature, mountain landscapes are beautiful, and I’ve seen great views in the Rockies, Alps and Andes, as well the mountains of Japan and the Sierras and more, but frankly, none rival the Dolomites for scenery. It’s hard to believe and it is hard to explain, but I went with

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