Try ‘the new Bing’ ahead of the official launch. How to preview the AI-powered search engine.

“The new Bing” is still invite-only, but you can preview how it works.

Since Microsoft announced a new and improved version of its search engine integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, select users have been granted early access to test it out. There’s currently a waitlist to receive access when Microsoft rolls out Bing to more users in the coming weeks. But if you’re dying to see how it works, you can see a live demo on desktop now.


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How to access the Bing preview

On the Bing homepage, you’ll see a preview right under the search bar. The preview shows a prompt in a conversational style saying, “I need to throw a dinner party for 6 people who are vegetarian. Can you suggest a 3-course menu with a chocolate dessert?” Under the prompt, click the button “Try it” to see the answer it generates.

Bing homepage with ChatGPT preview

Try out the new ChatGPT-integrated Bing.
Credit: Bing

Click the arrows on the side of the preview to explore other prompts like “I’m planning a trip for our anniversary in September. What are some places we can go that are within a 3 hour flight from London Heathrow?” and “Arts and crafts ideas, with instructions for a toddler using only cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, paper, and string.” Click “Try it” to check out the answers to these prompts.

AI-integrated search results of menu planning for a vegetarian dinner party

AI-generated answers appear next to traditional search results.
Credit: Bing

How to preview more Bing examples

Next to the “Try it” button, you can click “Learn more” to see the full list of prompts Bing is demo-ing. In addition to the three prompts mentioned above, you can test other prompts. Hover over the tile of each example topic to see the following prompts.

Examples of what to ask to get an AI-generated response

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