2023 Winnebago Adventure Wagon Can Handle Camping or Construction

Winnebago—reputable brand of Class B camper vans like the Solis, Roam, and eRV2—has teamed up with Adventure Wagon to offer the limited edition 2023 Winnebago Adventure Wagon. The result is a super tasteful camper van with an extremely versatile, adaptable, anti-RV interior that’s unlike any other Winnebago van. Basically, it’s an Adventure Wagon interior wrapped in a Winnebago. Van. Nerd. Alert. This collaboration has us so very, very excited.

Created in 2014, Adventure Wagon is a Portland, Oregon-based van upfitter with over 2,000 conversions on the road. The company converts Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit vans, so for this collab, a Mercedes Sprinter (170-inch) dualie was the van of choice. The Winnebago + Adventure Wagon camper van comes in Arctic White, Iridium Silver, and Tenorite Gray. There is a floorplan (70SE), but as we’ll find out, all interior components can be shuffled according to need. An owner could completely “gut” the interior to create an empty cargo van.

The Winnebago + Adventure Wagon ditches the permanent, RV-esque interior (fixed bed, bathroom, kitchen, seating, etc.) in favor of the totally flexible interior offered by Adventure Wagon. The premise is pretty easy to digest: Why be locked into one interior configuration when life’s journeys require flexibility? Why be locked into one layout when you could have infinite?

Let’s expand on the need for a flexible interior. Different trip locations, climates, and durations necessitate different adventure gear, all impacting interior layout. Camper vans are the latest kings of travel and play, after all. But they’re also expensive, making those cherished adventure moments come at a cost that could, honestly, start to kill the fun. To earn their keep and justify their fat butts taking up driveway space, vans really ought to wear more than

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