Veteran adventures through Georgia on kayaks and motorcycles

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – A Georgia Pit Bull is living a life of adventure thanks to his dad. The duo has traveled thousands of miles together kayaking, rock climbing, and motorcycling. They have shared their journey on TikTok and now they are trying to pay it forward.

When you live the life of an adventurer, you spend a lot of time defying the odds; doing the very things, people thought you could not do.

Knucklehead is the perfect example of what “living the life of an adventurer,” means.

“We ride motorcycles and Knucklehead is a pretty famous motor brand. We called him Knucklehead, and he quickly started living up to his name,” said Knucklehead’s owner Aaron Dean.

He can kayak, motorcycle, rock climb, and even climb a ladder; which Aaron tells me Knucklehead learned on his own!

This is a dog that loves adventure.

His dad is a vet who served in Iraq and came home with undiagnosed PTSD.

“I recently got a diagnosis from a doctor up here in Blue Ridge. Until then, you kind of think you are crazy,” said Dean.

Dogs became a comfort Aaron needed.

“I talk to him like he is my friend, not my kid,” said Dean, “There are times I literally can’t get off the couch and he will come and put all his weight on me and push me to get up and make me go ride motorcycles or something!”

Everywhere Aaron went, Knucklehead would go and in the places he couldn’t go Aaron found a way.

”You can see this special box I made for him out of aluminum,” said Dean.

The two have put in some serious time.

“On the dirt bike, he has probably gone 1000 miles on it, we have got 1300 miles on this bike,”

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