People Are Booking In At Hotels Just For The Air Con Ahead Of Monday And Tuesday Scorcher

People have opted to booking hotel rooms with air conditioning as temperatures are forecast to reach 40°C in parts of England on Monday and Tuesday.

Many people have taken to Twitter to share their tips and tricks for surviving the heatwave. Besides the predictable suggestion to stay in the shade, drink water, and keep the blinds closed, some have also recommended booking hotel rooms with air con or working in a hotel lobby rather than from home.

People have been sharing their top tips to keep cool during the ongoing heat wave. Credit: Alamy
People have been sharing their top tips to keep cool during the ongoing heat wave. Credit: Alamy

One person said they have found a hotel with air con to get them through the heatwave as regular UK homes are not prepared to withstand the temperatures.

However, the account also warned: “Many can’t afford that. People and pets will die.”

Assad Tannous (@AsennaWealth) said he has already had to move to a hotel with air con in London when it reached highs of 32°C.

“Problem in the UK is hardly anyone has air con,” he shared on Twitter.

Ann Chapman (@LeFuzzyOtter) asked for recommendation on hotels with an outdoor pool and air con to stay in until Tuesday as she is ‘tempted to hunker down somewhere’ while the heat is at its strongest.

While others joked: “Currently Googling ‘Hotels with air con near me. I’ve spent too long down south and gone soft.”

“Anyone in London want to go halves on a hotel with aircon Mon and Tues nigh?!” another said.

Some people went as far as calculating out that it is actually cheaper to book a five-star hotel rather than desperately sleep in their car all night with the air con blasting.

“It’s so serious that as I’m working during the heatwave I’ve got an air con hotel room so I can sleep in the daytime to be able to work at night over Monday and Tuesday be safe out there.”

Reaching out to Clive Bull on LBC, Susan (@Garrety5) said they had to book a hotel in an air conditioned room so they could make three hospital appointments ‘without collapsing or actually dying’.

Susan added: “It works out cheaper than using fans/electric and Ubers!”

But one user pointed out how the heatwave should be taken seriously and encouraged people to check in on vulnerable and elderly people who may be at risk.

This hysteria comes as the The Met Office issued a red extreme heat warning for the first time across Monday and Tuesday. The highest level warning means there is a risk to life and regular routines will be disrupted.

Network Rail has asked passengers not to use the trains unless absolutely necessary and the RAC motoring body has issued warnings as it expects more car breakdowns as engines to overheat.

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